Primestream’s End-To-End IP Stream Workflow Provides High-Quality Content Integration


The content a broadcaster produces has to be of the highest quality in terms of creativity, and how it is distributed depends on how well it is integrated. As the broadcast industry continues to grow and expand, so does the amount and variety accompanying the content creatives make. With so many diverse forms of visual content, then the demand for better workflow orchestration is where Primestream comes into the picture as a company comprised of highly-skilled media technologists.


About Primstream



Since 1999, Primestream has been a leading provider of asset management, automation software, and workflow orchestration solutions for media and production operations that are scalable and highly configurable across markets, platforms, and infrastructures to ensure long-term flexibility and value. The company’s 21-year history covers media creation workflows, and it combines best-in-class technology with proven reliability as part of an effort to help optimize media creativity for enterprise, digital media, sports, and broadcast operations worldwide.

Primestream’s product line leverages deep expertise and insight into market trends and customer requirements that help connect content creation, collaboration, asset management, production, and delivery together in an optimal workflow. The company’s software suite has been field-proven in a wide range of production facilities for many of the world’s leading broadcasters and corporations. Several of these include:

  • Vice Media Group
  • Microsoft Production Studios
  • Cisco TV
  • NFL Networks
  • NFL Films
  • StreamTeam
  • AT&T Sports
  • SunTV, Disney
    New World Symphony
  • Verizon Media Group
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Time Inc.
  • Business Insider

These and many more speak about Primestream’s portfolio. The same goes for its End-To-End IP Stream Workflow, which is perfect for broadcasters trying to integrate their content.


Primestream’s End-To-End IP Stream Workflow



The End-To-End IP Stream Workflow is the first of Primestream’s new IP stream solutions. It allows for users to capture, edit and transcode web, camera, and broadcast transmission sources which include bonded cellular HLS streams, MPEG Dash, and RTSP streams in single or multiple self-contained file formats such as ProRes, H.264, HEVC and XDCAM. After that,  it can quickly integrate this content with a broadcaster’s production, management, and delivery workflow, which will then improve productivity with previewing live recordings and edit while capturing features.

This new stream recording product further offers flexibility by enabling users to easily manage signal paths through configured pre-sets with defined sources and file formats.

The features of the End-To-End IP Stream Workflow include:

  • Preview live recordings inside a web browser
  • Edit while capturing streams inside Adobe® Premiere® Pro with a growing timeline.
  • Delivery an HLS live output for streaming to the Web and smart devices.
  • Supports reading and writing MXF-based and Atom-based files such as MP4 video
  • Capture traditional SDI signals over IP
  • Supports SMPTE IP and NewTek‘s NDI standards
  • Capture mobile video cellular transmission from mobile backpack ENG-IP solutions

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Why Go With Primestream



In its two decades as a leading provider in asset management, automation software, and workflow orchestration solutions, Primestream has sought to make asset management simple and powerful. When it comes to a Broadcaster’s relationship to Primestream, their benefit comes from the growth that the company provides them with. That process of growth is what leads the way in developing systems that optimize media creativity.

The power of Primestream and its platform uses their innovative components along with their best-in-class technology in order to deliver unparalleled flexibility and proven reliability in a compelling solution. The company’s media background allows it to provide solutions work and ensure the kind of reliability that embodies a deep expertise and rigorous testing standard for its users, which enables them to resolve complex problems with solutions that are intuitive and easy to navigate.

It’s really a no brainer for broadcasters to use the solutions such as the End-To-End IP Stream Workflow by Primestream. Any form of content they create, regardless of how well crafted it is, will need the proper means of integration. A company like Primestream, which has some of the world’s top media creatives and the absolute best-in-class solutions for asset management and workflow orchestration, provides broadcasters and the industry they help build with everything they need to take it to new plains of technological innovation and creativity.

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