PrimeTime delivers “Quiet on the Set” with LED Fresnel

Dallas, TX – Television studios and film sets are being upgraded with energy-saving LED light fixtures and PrimeTime delivers a quiet set without the hum of a bunch of fans. The PrimeTime GUS 51 LED Fresnel was designed from the ground up with advanced technology for high performance and to remain cool and efficient without a fan.

Glen Harn, CEO of PrimeTime Lighting Systems explains, “Engineers and facility managers trust PrimeTime’s durable LED lights because they perform at a high level with low LED power consumption. They’re affordable, built in the USA and include a five year warranty. Other LED Fresnel manufacturers use fans.”

GUS 51 LED FresnelThe GUS 51 LED Fresnel is incredibly bright and does not need a fan because of PrimeTime’s innovative engineering and technology. The high quality Micro-Fresnel lens system with advanced optics result in the most even wash of light vs. any LED Fresnel. It’s 100% machined, extruded and formed aluminum construction. Harn calls the GUS LED Fresnel, “the strong silent type.”

PrimeTime introduced another LED this year, the EXTRA BRIGHT 1SLED XB and believes that it will become the new industry standard. Boasting the most powerful punch and throw of all studio lights the 1SLED XB is used for key or fill lighting. It was influenced by PrimeTime’s most popular fluorescent fixture, the 1SL. The 1SLED XB can be used to upgrade broadcast studios, distance learning centers, video conference facilities, city council chambers, worship facilities or TV commercial production studios. Manufactured in Texas with PrimeTime’s innovative design and energy-saving LED technology for cool and comfortable talent illumination.

Also introduced this year is an LED equivalent of the popular MSL fluorescent, using the newest energy efficient LED technology. The MSLED XB can be used to key, fill, side or back light talent on chroma key or interview sets. It’s used to upgrade broadcast studios, film production, worship services, distance learning or video conference facilities that need a low ceiling light fixture.


About PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.

Known for innovative and superbly engineered lighting, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. (formerly KW/2 Studios) manufactures broadcast lighting systems, video conference light fixtures, and LED and fluorescent studio lighting for the broadcast industry. PrimeTime’s U.S. fabricated products illuminate broadcast and cable news sets, video conference facilities, worship sanctuaries, religious broadcasting studios, production studios, university sports studios, city council chambers and distance learning classrooms throughout the United States and some foreign countries. PrimeTime luminaires are recognized for high performance, lasting durability and quality.

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