Principal Media Now Has Licensing Rights to Over 600 Hours of 4K and 8K Content
Principal Media, the global content licensing and channel distribution company, has partnered with leading nature and wildlife production company VisionHawk Films to help distribute the 4K documentary films: Ninja of the Rockies and Yellowstone Journals. Principal Media has also acquired global rights to World of Oceans, which is a production of AquaTerraFilms in association with VisionHawkWith the addition of these films and series, Principal Media now represents over 600 hours of 4K and 8K content.
Principal Media has already secured licensing deals with platforms around the world eager to include these on their services. Among the initial licensees of VisionHawk’s titles are Discovery+, UK TV, Asia (Asia Pacific, China, Singapore, India, Australia), Okko (Russia), and First HDTV (Russia).
In Ninja of the RockiesVisionHawk enters the wilderness of Montana where a mother mountain lion and her cubs take on the harsh winter and brutal elements in a battle to survive nature’s most extreme elements. Viewers will get an up-close look at the private lives of one of the world’s most elusive predators. Filmed in 4K.
Yellowstone Journals is a six-part series that takes viewers to the wildest corners of Yellowstone, one of the last places on earth still home to all its native predators. This series, shot entirely in 4K, explores the park’s most extraordinary ecosystem, from the drama of new life to the exhilaration of predators fighting for survival at nature’s most extreme.
World of Oceans is a six-part 4K series from AquaTerraFilms in association with VisionHawk that is an intimate exploration of what is still the most unexplored ecosystem on our planet. 71% of the Earth’s surface is ocean; teeming with the most amazing unknown and spectacular life forms, varying from the smallest organisms to the biggest animals that have ever existed. This series examines the secret life of creatures the modern scientists still don’t full understand.
“Demand for 4K content has been steadily increasing so Principal Media has been investing in productions we feel will have excellent sales potential on a global scale,” said Gary Rosenson, CEO, Principal Media. “Our partnership with VisionHawk Films has made it possible for them to finish passion projects that fit within their mission while allowing us to offer multi-platform broadcasters around the world content we know they want.”
About Principal Media
Since 2005, Principal Media has been licensing its uniquely vast and always expanding catalog of content to TV networks and digital platforms worldwide. The company’s Beverly Hills-based team represents a wide variety of programming genres to an equally diverse array of networks and digital platforms around the world. To keep its catalog fresh, Principal Media works closely with producers of all kinds to help monetize finished programming, as well as develop and co-produce original series.


More recently, the company expanded into the exciting world of streaming channel distribution, adding to its executive team to help established networks and new players do everything from secure distribution to implement marketing, programming, operations and more.
Principal Media is a subsidiary of the Libra Group, a privately owned global enterprise active in 35 countries across six continents.
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