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Job Opening: Product Designer


Position: Product Designer
Company: Ascend Global Strategies
Location: Orem UT US

About The Company

Ascend Global Strategies is a global logistics solutions company by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The highly skilled and deeply experienced team creates custom programs that can help consumer goods business owners understand and harness the power of their supply chain. This is done through hands on training, vendor selection services, and a number of other complementary offerings that can help you accelerate delivery and reduce costs.

Mission: To help you manage all aspects of the product fulfillment lifecycle; whether design, manufacturing, or logistics we can help.

About The Role

The Design Engineer will be responsible for working closely with our customers to help make their product ideas into reality. This role will be highly visible to the customer and will require a significant amount of time be spent working with them to design, produce, test, and launch product. Both technical and interpersonal skill sets will be crucial due to the product variety and customer touch points.

Objectives & Accountabilities

  • Work directly with customers to design products from their ideas. Customer ideas will be at various stages of complete from high level to very specific requests and requirements.
  • Estimate project timelines and budgets to enable accurate billing and customer satisfaction.
  • Utilize Adobe Illustrator to create Technical drawings to create a product.
  • Potential travel to China periodically (2+ times per year) to understand China Sourcing, build relationships with our local team, and understand the supplier landscape.
  • Report to the director of Engineering/Design weekly often for design feedback.
  • Assist customers in avoiding possible intellectual property issues where appropriate
  • Identify and implement process improvement ideas in (and out of) area of responsibility.


  • BFA/BS degree in Industrial Design (or hold Junior or Senior status in such a program).
  • Strong skills with Adobe Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop).
  • Master of Microsoft Office Suite (primarily Word and Excel).
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Outstanding leadership and organization skills.
  • Time management skills to deliver projects on time.
  • Experience in creating Tech packs for products.
  • Desire to design best in class products for our customers while having fun working with a talented global team.
  • Demonstrated experience working closely with external customers on design projects.
  • CAD – SolidWorks (plus).
  • Conversational Mandarin Chinese (plus).
  • Experience in Textiles (plus).
  • Experience with Asia travel and working with manufacturing suppliers (plus).

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