Product Spotlight: 1000 ‘ A Sound Effects’ For FREE!

asound-effectSo, the season of giving has certainly started off merrily with a phenomenal offer from ‘A Sounds Effects’ for one thousand community based, high quality sound effects for the tight budget video production entity or for the budding filmmaker for FREE! When we look at storage space requirements for your “free download” the total is coming in at more than 2GB, for a total of 1,044 elements for over an hour of sounds that will absolutely change the feel of your project. It is full of soundscape pieces and folio work that range from barn animals, creatures, to the everyday appliance can that bring on the horrors of eerie (like running the dishwater) to big theater ramp up!

“2016 has been the strongest year ever for A Sound Effect and independent sound effects, both in terms of growth and the quality of sounds available, so a free giveaway was an excellent opportunity for us to say thank you for making this a banner year, celebrate the holidays and offer a taste of our library at the same time,” said Asbjoern Andersen, founder and chief curator of A Sound Effect.

The online community based library is the perfect resource for the marketplace where sound designers and end user can buy and sell specialized libraries full of audio resources making it affordable for everyone in the industry. The great resource in A Sound Effect is that anyone can search, find, compare  sounds in one place that is growing incredibly fast that will guarantee a truly valued sound effect for your project! *A Sound Effect commitment: *from A Sound Effect

1. Outstanding sound effects: The libraries from the independent sound community are created by some of the best sound designers in the world, and they’re highly targeted. The selection is huge and gives you a fantastic-sounding, affordable and focused alternative to conventional, cover-it-all sound libraries. Here, you simply pick the sound libraries you need, as you need them. Oh, and by getting sounds from the community, you support individual sound designers – that’s a pretty cool thing too.

2. Clear licensing: As a world-first, A Sound Effect offers a single, simple license agreement for all the independent sound libraries on the site. This means that no matter how many individual sound designers you buy from here, you’re always covered by the same, clear agreement.

3. Easy access: A Sound Effect makes it easy to browse, search and preview all the independent sound libraries in one place – and you can easily get sounds from multiple sound designers in one go. When you’ve found what you need, simply purchase and download directly from the site. There’s a steady flow of new, unique sound libraries being released by the community, keeping you on the forefront of great sound.

To take advantage,  sign up to the A Sound Effect newsletter to gain access (can be unsubscribed at any time). URL for the free SFX giveaway: Give it a try, you can’t lose!



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