New Products for the 2014 NAB Show: It’s Time To Control It All


FORK Production Suite v4.6
At the 2014 NAB Show, Primestream will debut FORKâ„¢ v4.6, its acclaimed software platform for media asset management and production automation featuring powerful new modules and third-party integrations. FORK v4.6 features Workflow Managerâ„¢, a new FORK module that allows users to design, control, and automate production processes that span multiple departments and groups within their organizations. This capability improves communication and response time from engineering and support staff, provides a global view of the tasks and processes being worked on, and assigns tasks to specific groups or users while logging every step of the process with information for analytics. FORK v4.6 also includes deep two-way integrations with nonlinear editors like Adobe® Premiere® Pro (CS6 and Creative Cloud), Avid® Media Composer®, and Apple® Final Cut® Pro X. The integrations support edit-while-capture workflows with XDCAM®, ProRes®, and AVC-Intra® — empowering sports, news, entertainment, and corporate video operations to use industry-leading NLEs — while gaining the benefits of the FORK media asset management and automation platform for I/O, logging, tagging, proxy editing, workflow management, and archiving. FORK also features new archiving workflows with SGL®, Quantum®, and Atempo® enabling FORK users to continue to navigate/browse, search, and filter through content inside Content Navigatorâ„¢ — even when the hi-res media has been archived and is offline. Other benefits include partial file restore and LTO robotics control. FORK is available for Mac® and Windows® OS as well as hybrid environments.

Primestream-FORKXchangeSuite3FORK Xchange Suite v3.0
The 2014 NAB Show will see the introduction of FORKâ„¢ Xchangeâ„¢ Suite 3.0, a major upgrade to the Web and iOS® application that provides instant access to content on FORK Production servers. Single and multi-site production operations can now access their media from anywhere to manage, create, and trigger various FORK automations — enabling seamless hybrid cloud/ground workflows to interface all technologies such as archiving and popular NLE craft editors. Xchange 3.0 also features a completely redesigned iPad® interface optimized for Apple® iOS 7.

Among its many new features are:

Xchange Uploader: Allows users to submit raw or finished packages directly into the production environment via a Web-based interface

Xchange Downloader: Allows users to download raw content in order to edit final packages locally, with the ability to choose among multiple qualities to download

Xchange Load Balancer: Allows for distribution of network traffic across multiple servers for added stability and scalability

Multiple video resolutions for video playback: Allows users to play back and select among multiple qualities of video in order to cope with various network conditions

Modular back-end extensions for large-scale deployments: Allows the Xchange back-end to be installed modularly across multiple servers to ensure stability and scalability

Primestream-FORKArchiveBridgeWithTabletArchive Bridge v1.0
Primestream® will also introduce Archive Bridgeâ„¢, a new module for the FORKâ„¢ Production Suite that provides tight integrations between industry-leading archival solutions and the FORK media asset management platform. With Archive Bridge, administrators can track the status of all archival requests and analyze the performance of the infrastructure. Archive Bridge is a highly configurable client with a Web-based front end and intuitive user interface. Optimized for both Windows® and Mac® platforms, it integrates multiple production environments with a central archive point to reduce operational costs by centralizing archival infrastructure in one location and allow disaster recovery solutions for offsite Archival workflows. Statistics Reporting empowers administrators to monitor various performance values of the Archive Bridge.

Company Overview:

Primestream®, a leader in advanced media asset management and broadcast automation software, offers a seamless end-to-end platform for digital acquisition of live and file-based content, media asset management, editing, logging, control room and master control playback, smartphone and tablet video contribution, publishing to the Web, and dynamic archiving. The company’s portfolio includes the FORKâ„¢ suite of applications, as well as Mobile2Air®, ControlStationâ„¢, DIG-ITâ„¢, and Xchangeâ„¢ Suite. Deployed in more than 300 broadcast operations across 40 countries, Primestream’s proven solutions are implemented by some of the world’s leading broadcasters, uplink service providers, digital media operations, and production/post-production facilities. More information is available at

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