Project Parking and Workspace Tools simplify storage management

New from Marquis Broadcast for NAB 2019: Project Parking dashboard, workgroup functionality and the launch of Nearline Parking, plus Fotonflite secure point-to-point transfer system

New Project Parking dashboard

Marquis Broadcast’s Avid Platform Certified Project Parking tool is the industry gold-standard for Avid storage management and project portability, providing project analytics, visualisation, management and archiving. It has been updated with a new dashboard feature, enabling usage tracking for Marquis Workspace Tools and Project Parking systems, which is especially useful for multi-site companies, helping to monitor their data usage. The latest version of Project Parking also adds S3 AWS server-side encryption support, delivering seamless management for Avid ISIS or NEXIS storage. In addition, it provides support for retrieval from Amazon Glacier cloud storage, helping to reduce the costs of hybrid cloud post production.

Project Parking’s new dashboard allows customers at multi-site facilities to monitor the amount of data that’s being backed up or archived at each site using Marquis Broadcast’s software applications, including Workspace Tools and Project Parking. It can also be used to check the storage analysis via Project Parking at each site, along with the results of orphan and duplicate removal operations. This visibility helps companies track usage of their data across all their locations, potentially saving hundreds of terabytes of required storage space.

“If you’re not running Project Parking regularly, you may be wasting around 20% of your Avid NEXIS system, which has huge cost implications,” explains Paul Glasgow, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Project Parking’s new dashboard feature provides enterprise-wide visibility to monitor usage of such tools, allowing companies to ensure that the whole operation is running effectively, with clever analytics to prevent duplicate and orphaned media propagating into the Workspace Sync or Backup. This saves significant amounts of storage whilst also accelerating time-critical sync backup and recovery processes.”

Workgroup functionality for Project Parking and Archive Parking

Marquis has added workgroup functionality to Project Parking and Archive Parking. This is ideal for service providers or for large companies that have multiple productions using the same Avid storage. It means that there can be several separate instances of file storage management within the same global system, with different access privileges set to ensure confidentiality; especially useful when there may be different productions sharing the same Avid storage.

Nearline Parking for Avid NEXIS | E5 NL storage systems

Avid has recently launched Avid NEXIS | E5 NL, a petabyte-scale nearline post production storage system. To simplify Avid | E5 NL management, Marquis has introduced a companion software product called Nearline Parking into the existing Parking family of products. It enables online projects in NEXIS/ISIS to be securely, seamlessly and quickly copied to and from nearline Avid Nexis | E5 NL.

Using unique data analytics, Nearline Parking overcomes many of the fundamental operational errors found with conventional file movement applications. Firstly, Nearline Parking ensures that any projects copied to Avid | E5 NL are always complete. Secondly, it can also sweep or delete project media that is not uniquely referenced by an active project. Nearline Parking is also fully upgradeable to the analytics-based Project Parking storage management system.

Fotonflite secure point-to-point transfer system

Marquis Broadcast FotonfliteFotonflite is a high-performance, secure, ‘on-the-fly’, point-to-point transfer system for Avid Media Composer projects and media workspaces. It is available as an option within the Project Parking and Workspace Tools family of products and allows files to be moved between source Avid NEXIS/ISIS systems and a range of target storage types, including Avid, generic and proprietary storage, allowing remote servers to be configured as if they were local.

Fotonflite is unique in its ability to directly connect and securely synchronise live Avid ISIS/NEXIS systems, especially with live Avid work-in-progress. It is ideal for securely connecting production centres over the internet – for example, between Pinewood, UK, and Hollywood, USA. Fotonflite also benefits from advanced Avid project pre-analytics, meaning that after the first transfer, only the subsequent project and workspace changes are transmitted, resulting in ultra-fast sync and transfer updates and the most efficient network utilisation.

To find out more about Project Parking and Workspace Tools, please visit Marquis Broadcast on booth SL14816 at NAB in April. To arrange a meeting there, visit You can also head to the Marquis Broadcast website at

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