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ProMAX Announces Performance and Stability Improvements for LTO Media


Backing up or Archiving terabytes of media is a must do for any video production group.  Massive performance improvements offer speed increases to all Platform customers utilizing LTO.

ProMAX Systems, a world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations, proudly announced at this year’s IBC show in Amsterdam, improvements in performance and stability for all users backing up and archiving to LTO media.  These improvements will be seen across the product line up and for user utilizing LTO5 through LTO8 tape drives and media.

The introduction of multi-threaded processing for archives, nearly doubles the performance for all archives and for many backups utilizing MD5 checksum processes or for backups/archives with a large amount of small files.  “Proper archiving requires data integrity to come first, which is what we have focused on for years,” said Nathaniel Cooper, ProMAX COO.  “As the product has matured we’ve been able to shift focus to speed. Specifically, with the MD5 process, which is required for archiving, but many customers prefer it for backing up as well.”

In addition to improved speed, the ProMAX Platform has benefited from improved resilience in archiving and user readable logs.  “These improvements allow for completed and data verified archives even if a tape drive or media has had an issue and if there is an issue, it will be much easier for a user to understand what is happing.”

These benefits will be seen by customers updating to the latest ProMAX software release.  For additional information on these improvements contact your ProMAX representative.

About ProMAX Systems
ProMAX is the world leader in integrated workflow technology for creative media organizations. For over 20 years, we’ve built a worldwide client base of tens of thousands of customers, helping them find the most efficient, cost effective and reliable solutions to solve their production challenges with our range of workflow servers, workstations and archiving technology. From ingest to edit, from playout to archive, we’ve evolved our thinking to focus on the real needs of our customers – bringing everything they need together in a truly integrated solution. Whether they are creatives working in Film/TV, broadcast, post production, education, government, corporate or other industries, our customers trust ProMAX to be at the heart of their creative process. Visit www.promax.com for more information.



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