Promising Talent Adam Kwasnik Joins PrimeTime Lighting Systems as Account Executive

Adam Kwasnik, PrimeTime LightingPrimeTime Lighting Systems, a leading provider of innovative and meticulously engineered LED lighting solutions for the broadcast industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Kwasnik as their new Account Executive.

Born in New York City and raised in the USA and Poland, Kwasnik is an upbeat American citizen who completed his education at the University of Information Technology and Management in Poland, an international English-speaking university. He achieved a perfect GPA throughout his Bachelor of Arts and Science in Economics and Master of Business Administration in International Management studies. His exceptional academic performance earned him a full-ride scholarship and participation in prestigious leadership development programs.

As an Account Executive at PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Kwasnik will work closely with resellers, dealers, integrators, lighting directors and chief engineers of TV stations to determine the optimum lighting solutions for broadcast studios. Glen Harn, PrimeTime CEO said, “He will showcase the superior quality and benefits of PrimeTime Lighting System’s LED broadcast studio lights, which are passively cooled, made in the USA, and come with a five-year warranty. Kwasnik’s commitment, quick learning abilities, and positive attitude make him an ideal fit for the role.”

Prior to joining PrimeTime, Kwasnik served as a Brand Promoter at Intel Corporation. During his tenure, he played a vital role in strengthening the local brand value of Intel‘s electronic parts and contributed to increased sales in the technology department. Kwasnik managed the technology display and its standards, achieving impressive results, including generating national top revenue during a single shift.

Kwasnik said, “So far, I have found a plethora of opportunities to apply my education and technical background to my position. I find this particularly rewarding.”

PrimeTime Lighting Systems is confident that Kwasnik’s academic achievements, experience, and dedication will drive success in his position as Account Executive. His passion for the industry, coupled with his strategic mindset, will contribute to the company’s continued growth and reputation for delivering exceptional lighting solutions.

About PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.

Known for innovative and meticulous engineering standards, PrimeTime Lighting Systems manufactures top-quality, commercial-grade LED lighting fixtures for television broadcast and audio-visual industries. PrimeTime’s U.S.-built products can be found in heavy-duty commercial broadcast and cable news sets, production studios, religious broadcasting studios, university sports studios, and city council chambers throughout the United States. PrimeTime luminaires, with a five-year warranty, have been recognized for over 25 years for superior performance, lasting durability and quality.


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