Pronology’s Latest Software, Version 3, Showcased At NAB 2015



Increased Functionality and Metadata Capabilities

Further Streamline Production Workflow


Pronology_ScreenshotLAS VEGAS, April 13, 2015Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions, announces Pronology Version 3, its latest digital media asset management (MAM) system, at NAB 2015 (Booth SL12517). Pronology Version 3 features additional record and import options, significant improvements to the way metadata can be automatically attached to assets, as well as a more streamlined user experience.


Pronology Version 3 adds an increased usability factor to the software, as we continually look at how we can address the latest real-world production workflow concerns,” says Mike Shore, co-founder of Pronology. “We are committed to expanding our footprint in order to handle an even more diverse range of workflows.”


Pronology has revamped its video player to support HTML5 for enhanced cross-browser compatibility. This allows for a better user experience as the player is smoother and more agile. It also features a quicker response in playback. “As part of our forward thinking, we are always looking at new technologies and integrating them into our toolset,” continues Shore. “HTML 5 is an emerging standard in web video, and as it sees wider adoption, we are already fully compliant.”


Pronology’s Version 3 adds new and enhanced features that streamline workflow by “templatizing” ingest activities to give more robust and reliable metadata to all inbound assets. Now, all media can automatically “inherit” metadata based on user-defined rules, making organization, search and retrieval significantly more efficient for both small and large productions. Metadata can now be easily assigned to groups of content with a single action.


Pronology placed a large emphasis on user interaction with Version 3 in the form of more granular user rights as well as the ability to set up a “Share Group” for a folder of content or a specific clip. In addition, it has expanded on its interoperability with various third party systems including a range of transcode engines and approval systems.


Version 3 manages recordings and file imports from the beginning of a production, allowing a creative team to map out critical metadata information about each incoming asset, before the recording process has begun. This metadata follows each clip to the end of the production to a long term archive, yielding a level of organization and retrieval not possible in the past, especially with a tape-based system.


About Pronology

Pronology’s digital asset management tools simplify the tasks of content creation and distribution for today’s file-based workflows by offering a single platform that unifies the production process from acquisition to archive. Pronology allows a limitless number of users to simultaneously and remotely acquire, manage, approve, log, distribute, transcode and archive content using a standard web browser. Its user-friendly interface has been designed by users, for users, to accommodate a wide range of possible workfl­ows. For more information, please contact us at 212-660-1600/ or visit us online at

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