PTZOptics announces integration with Zoom Video Conference

PTZOptics has a new PTZ camera control integration now built-in to Zoom Video Conferencing. The new integration is called “Far End Camera Control.” The feature allows Zoom meeting participants to take control of a USB connected PTZOptics camera. The PTZ camera controls are made available directly inside of the Zoom Meeting software.

Who is using far end camera controls work in Zoom

Far End Camera Controls in Zoom
Far End Camera Controls in Zoom

“Zoom video conferencing is an amazing tool for online video communications,” says Paul Richards, Director of Business Development for PTZOptics. “This new feature allows meeting participants the ability to control a PTZOptics camera from anywhere in the world using the Zoom video conferencing software.” Many types of Zoom video conferencing users are starting to use the “Far End” camera control features for interesting use cases.

A primary user of remote PTZ camera control comes from the healthcare industry. “In Telemedicine, may doctors use remote PTZ camera controls to help deliver a remote diagnosis,” says Richards. “Zoom is a HIPPA compliant video conferencing solution that is very popular in Telemedicine. These advanced camera controls help doctors zoom into specific areas of interest with loss-less optical zoom.”

How far end camera controls work in Zoom

Zoom is a video communications tool that is notoriously easy to use. The PTZOptics far end camera control integration is no different. PTZOptics USB camera users simply need to enable “Far End Camera Control” in their Zoom user dashboard in order to use the feature. Once enabled, anyone in the Zoom meeting can request camera controls and be approved by the far-end user. Once approved Zoom video conference meeting participants will gain pan, tilt and zoom camera controls from directly inside of the Zoom software. Below is a Slideshare presentation published by PTZOptics walking users through the new feature.

Video Walkthrough

A video overview has been provided by PTZOptics to demonstrate how easy it is to give remote Zoom meeting participants the ability to control PTZOptics USB connected cameras. The PTZ camera control protocol used for this feature is called UVC. The above video shows that once enabled this feature allows remote camera operators from around the world to access intuitive pan, tilt and zoom controls via Zoom. Houses of Worship are a prime user of this technology, as they continue to use zoom to broadcast worship services. Other users include the education market that uses Zoom for distance learning. Of course, in healthcare, far end camera controls are used by doctors using telemedicine. And finally, a new use case has emerged with musicians giving camera controls to remote operators during private performances.


If you use Zoom video conferencing to make professional presentations or remote broadcasts, this camera control feature could be of significant use to you. PTZOptics offers 12X and 20X USB connected video conferencing and broadcast cameras that are ideal for Zoom video conferencing use cases. PTZOptics USB connected camera also feature HDMI and have the option to be upgraded to support NDI. Therefore if you are a live streaming professional with a workflow that includes NDI or HDMI based video hardware, the USB 3.0 option can also be used with Zoom video conferencing.

Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics
Paul Richards is the Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics. Richards is the author of Helping Your Church Live Stream, Esports in Education, the Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum, and other live streaming related publications.
Paul Richards
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