PTZOptics Brings Advanced Auto-Tracking and Dante AV-H Support to a Broader Audience with their Move SE and Link Camera Lines

The PTZOptics Move PTZ camera series has already made waves in the live streaming market with its 4K camera models, which are now shipping and have replaced the popular PTZOptics Gen 2 camera models. Building on this success, PTZOptics recently announced the SE “Standard Edition” Move series at NAB, which brings the AI-based auto-tracking features of the Move 4K to a wider audience at a low starting price point of just $999. In addition to the Move SE series, PTZOptics is also showcasing the brand new PTZOptics Link cameras, featuring Dante AV-H integration, popular audio-over-IP solution which now supports video.

The Move SE camera line boasts a range of versatile video outputs, including SDI, HDMI, and USB, to ensure seamless integration with a variety of live streaming systems. In addition, the cameras offer IP streaming technologies such as RTSP, RTMP, and SRT, allowing users to easily broadcast their content to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

PTZOptics Move SE Cameras

Meanwhile, the PTZOptics Link cameras bring the power of Dante AV-H to the world of video production. Dante, a popular audio-over IP solution, has recently expanded to support video, and PTZOptics is excited to offer a Dante-enabled PTZ camera in their lineup. This integration allows for seamless and synchronized audio and video streaming over a single network connection, simplifying setup and reducing cabling requirements.

While the Move SE cameras may not offer the same 4K resolution as their Move 4K counterparts, they still deliver exceptional video quality with a maximum output of 1080p at 60 fps. This makes them perfect for capturing high-quality footage for live events, conferences, sports, and online content creation. The PTZOptics Link cameras also provide high-definition video quality while offering the added benefit of Dante AV-H support.

One of the standout features of the Move SE camera line is PTZOptics’ intelligent auto-tracking capabilities, which use advanced AI algorithms to lock on to specific people during broadcasts. This technology enables presenters, performers, or athletes to move freely within the camera’s field of view, while the camera smoothly and automatically follows them. The result is a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience for the audience, without the need for a dedicated camera operator.

In addition to the auto-tracking features, both the Move SE and Link cameras offer a full range of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) capabilities, with a wide field of view and powerful zoom options to capture even distant subjects with clarity. The cameras also come equipped with presets and remote control options, allowing users to easily switch between multiple camera angles and scenes during a live broadcast.

PTZOptics has made the Move SE and Link camera lines available in various colors and configurations to suit different aesthetic and functional requirements. With their affordable price points, versatile output options, advanced auto-tracking capabilities, and Dante AV-H integration, the Move SE and Link cameras are poised to revolutionize the live streaming landscape by making professional-quality broadcasts accessible to a broader range of users.

For more information on the PTZOptics Move SE and PTZOptics Link camera series, visit the PTZOptics website, or catch them in action at the NAB conference this year. You can also email to learn more.

Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics
Paul Richards is the Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics. Richards is the author of Helping Your Church Live Stream, Esports in Education, the Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum, and other live streaming related publications.
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