Puget Systems Partners with Vū to Develop Custom Branded Workstations Specifically Designed for High End Virtual Production Environments


Puget Systems’ Partnership with Vū Delivers Best-in-Class Performance for Complex Virtual Production Workflows; Custom Branded Chassis Provides New Opportunities for Virtual Production Studios to Brand, Integrate Systems for their Clients


Puget Systems ( today announced it has partnered with Vū ( to design and develop custom – and Vū branded – workstations specifically designed and spec’d for complex high-end virtual production workflows. The Vū virtual production workstation designed by Puget Systems is a rackmount system, well suited to running a LED wall for virtual production with Unreal Engine. 


Additionally, Puget Systems has designed a custom, Vū-branded chassis for the new rack-mounted virtual production systems. This added value enables Vū and its entire global network of virtual production studios to proudly showcase their technologies for their own promotional purposes, or as part of a broader virtual systems integration strategy should they so choose.


Vū Virtual Production Systems by Puget Systems: What’s Under the Hood?

Designed with AMD Threadripper PRO processors, Puget Systems virtual production rack-mounted systems for Vū offer a high number of cores for extremely fast light baking and shader compiling, while NVIDIA’s RTX A-series graphics cards offer high 3D performance combined with plenty of VRAM. Dual GPUs are supported, along with optional NVLink and Quadro Sync add-ons. Key specs include:


  • AMD Threadripper PRO WRX80 4U Rackmount
  • Motherboard: Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI (AMD WRX80 EATX)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5995WX 2.7GHz (Up To 4.5GHz Turbo) 64 Core
  • RAM: 256GB DDR4-3200 REG ECC (8x32GB)
  • Video Card: NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation 48GB (PNY)
  • Hard Drive: 1TB Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PCI-E Gen4 M.2 SSD (Peak 7000 MB/s)


Benefits of the RTX 6000 A-Series Graphics Cards in Virtual Production

For virtual production applications, such as Unreal Engine, Puget Systems tests a variety of scenes with and without ray tracing to get a general picture of how different workflows will benefit from these new GPUs. The RTX 6000 Ada is by far the overall winner, generating 60% more frames per second than the previous generation RTX A6000. While most professional workflows, be it Virtual Production or Game Development, are not looking for extremely high frame rates for their day-to-day work, this can also be translated into being able to put more geometry and effects on screen while still maintaining their desired framerate.

AMD’s GPUs’ strong rasterized performance, plus their large 32GB of VRAM, make for excellent options for the virtual production workflows.

Puget Systems Talks and Panel Discussions at NAB 2023 

Puget Systems is also partnering with Vū, as well as with the NAB, to participate in high value discussions and presentations designed to raise awareness and educate audiences on the challenges and benefits of supporting virtual production and high-end VFX workflows.  


  • NAB Remote Production Conference: Remote Solutions for Small Studios

In this session, Matt Bach will discuss remote solutions specifically for video editing, graphic design, and VFX. Attendees will learn about the different remote tools available, as well as the pros and cons of using remote desktop versus full cloud solutions. For more information or to attend this workshop, please visit here.

  • NAB Remote Production Conference: Local, Remote, or Cloud – What’s your plan?

In this session, Matt Bach and the panelists will delve into the details of various remote solutions, from remote desktops to full cloud solutions, discussing their respective advantages and disadvantages. Attendees will also learn how to assess their own unique needs and determine which approach is best for their particular workflow and budget. For more information or to attend this workshop, please visit here.

  • Vū Virtual Production Central: From Silicon to Screen – The Impact of Computer Hardware on Virtual Production

Kelly Shipman of Puget Systems joins the teams from Vū and Unilumin to discuss the technologies of LED displays and the future direction of the virtual production industry. Topics include Bit-Depth, Scan-Rate, NITS, Flip-Chip, Common Cathode and more. For more information or to attend this panel discussion, please visit here.

  • ASUS ProArt Masters’ Talks

Matt Bach of Puget Systems joins ASUS for their ProArt Masters’ Talks at NAB 2023. In the spirit of ProArt’s mission, “Power Up Your Imagination,” this event brings industrial experts, individual professionals, and communities together to share the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies as well as practical workflow and tools in the field. For more information, or to attend this event, please visit here.


Puget Systems Recommended Hardware and Benchmarking for Virtual Production

Puget Systems is also offering its highly sought-after Puget Labs Recommended Systems for Virtual Production report. In this detailed report, technicians from Puget Labs detail key data that studio executives and virtual production artists need to discern the optimal hardware configurations required for complex, real-time, processing intensive virtual production environments – everything from recommendations on what CPU and GPU is best for virtual production, to application-specific recommendations based on users’ needs for motion capture, green screen or LED wall volume applications.


Understanding the demands of each of these platforms at the component level is critical in designing workstations for optimal virtual production system performance. During NAB 2023, Puget Systems will be sharing with attendees key learnings from its extensive research and benchmarking, as well as providing demonstrations of its newly designed custom virtual production workstations.


To review the detailed recommendations, please visit the Puget Systems Recommended Systems report here.  


Pricing and Availability

Puget Systems custom Virtual Production and high-end VFX workstations are available for immediate configuration for a wide range of production and post production applications. To learn more or to speak with one of our technology consultants, please visit To learn more about Puget Systems Canadian consulting and sales operations, please visit here


About Vū 

Vū is an emerging force in shaping the growing virtual production market. With a creatively-diverse and technologically forward-thinking team of experts, Vū blends art and science to redefine virtualization and unlock new ways to visualize the world. With an expanding global network of Vū-operated and affiliate studios, an evolving set of software tools, and a world class team of creative storytellers, virtual artists and technologists, Vū is enabling greater access to advanced virtual production technology. To learn more about Vū, please visit

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