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The push button is not often thought of as being too technical.  However, when you step back and consider it, not too much happens in this world without the push of a button.  And while a “push button” may not seem more than a piece of plastic that, when pressed, connects contacts that then, in turn, enable a process, there are many aspects that go unnoticed.  Most of these characteristics are of no concern to the button-pusher, but can be of monumental concern to an engineer or manufacturer in the designing and building phases of the machines that require push buttons in order to operate.

MountWhat is not usually thought of, though, is how to build a better button; that is, until Sunmulon entered the arena.

The problem is when you try to have a machine mount the button.  Many times, the button will end-up mounted on a slant or twisted.  Buttons come in all shapes and sizes – from round to square, triangular to rectangular, illuminated and unlighted, flat-surfaced, round-surfaced, and everything in-between.  Other components can be surface-mounted by machine – so why shouldn’t buttons have that same ability?  They should…

Sunmulon engineers pondered over the dilemma of crooked buttons mounted by automated machinery and came up with justSizethat – a better button… one that is suited for automated mounting.

The new switches are called “KA, K2 and K9 series,” the world’s-first illuminated push-button switches applying SMT (Surface Mount Technology).

There has been very many great evaluations from domestic broadcasting equipment makers since their launch (KA) and introduction (K2 and K9) in Japan, and we are proud of the design, quality and feeling of smooth touch.

You might say that it’s all in the timing – or the time, in more accurate terms.  One of the crucial design elements of Sunmulon Buttons is the length of the terminals that mount to the PC board.  Most buttons available today have long terminal ends which then require a human to trim them after they’ve been mounted.  Sunmulon Buttons have low-profile terminal ends that eliminate the need to trim them after board mounting.

LayoutSubstantial cost-reduction is achieved through skipping secondary processes like fixing bent or wrong alignment, as the new switches are attached perfectly by a mounting machine.  These SMT-applied switches help manufacturers reduce considerable amounts of time on their jobs as they can realize parallel mounting with such parts as resistance, condenser and other parts which also apply SMT.

So, can you build a better button?  You may not be able to… but Sunmulon can (and did)!

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