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 “The Cloud” is all around us.  As iCTVBA (International Cloud TV Broadcasters Alliance) Global Vice Chairman, our motto (“I see TV Beautifully Anywhere”) aimed not just at the future – but today.  Internet, everywhere; data, all around you; television, at your fingertips, when and where you want it, at your beckon call; this is a dream from the middle of the last century that is just being realized today, thanks to advances in technology that, only now, can make it possible.


“The Broadcast industry is changing, has always been changing and will always be about change,” says Micheal Rofe, iCTVBA Chairman and Global president.  “It is driven by folk that enjoy watching TV and by their enormous appetite and demand for the highest quality content you can give them that resonates with their passions. Who knew?”


The Cloud has more going for it than you’d think.  There are several different varieties filling the global void and drawing the world closer into itself.  The old clouds – cumulus, cirrus, nimbus, & stratus, are making room for new members to their ethereal ranks, in the styles of community, hybrid, private, & public.

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A community cloud links several people or organizations that share a common interest or pursuit (like post-production, or sailing) and provides extra computing power and access to computer programs specific to that field of pursuit.  Hybrid clouds occur when two or more cloud services retain their ‘individuality’ but combine their resources. The private cloud is run for the benefit of a single organization.  Public clouds make certain services and programs available for public use.

Many companies are realizing the power and potential of the Cloud.  While every large company is looking for ways to please the ever-demanding public, they are looking toward the Cloud not only to satisfy demand but to cut costs, as well.  Most are looking into it; some already have their “heads in the Cloud” and are doing quite well.


For example, Adobe Systems Inc., which makes the Photoshop and Acrobat software, reported a higher-than-expected adjusted quarterly profit as demand rose for Creative Cloud, the subscription-based version of its flagship software package.  Upgrades for Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, became available only through online subscriptions in May, 2013.  The company also stopped developing versions of the license-based Creative Suite.  See more at:

Front Porch Digital provides cloud-based content storage management (CSM) solutions, is partnered with file-transfer software company Data Expedition, Inc., integrating its ExpeDat WAN acceleration product into Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive V7.1 CSM system. The combination gives DIVArchive users a WAN acceleration option that is fully managed and supported by Front Porch Digital, and was the first direct integration of a WAN acceleration protocol directly into a CSM cloud-based solution.  ExpeDat file transfer software is a high-performance alternative to legacy technologies such as FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and CIFS, eliminating TCP vulnerabilities with the only pure-UDP file-transfer solution available.  ExpeDat uses 100 percent of available bandwidth to achieve WAN file transfers that have proven to be as much as seven times faster than with other technologies.  See more at:

Aframe has a large and ever-growing presence in “the Cloud.”  In their own words, Aframe is a cloud asset management solution and tagging service with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval and archive.  Aframe was founded in 2009, and began service operations in 2010 within the UK. Currently, they host over 24,000 hours of high-resolution footage, possessing over 60 commercial accounts and 5,000 discrete users of the platform. Customers range from small 2-3 person production companies to entire departments of large broadcasters such as the BBC and MTV. In 2012, they began operations in North America.


Aframe is an invaluable service that presents a low-cost option against purchasing all of the servers and software yourself.  So far, the most amount of footage stored by a single client has been 33TB and 5 different camera formats!  Cloud computing makes a tremendous amount of sense, especially with fellow artists working in different cities.  Having a company like Aframe become the conduit for your workflow is truly the way to master the power of cloud computing.  Check them out and see if this is the thing for your company!  See more at:

Every day, the Cloud becomes bigger, stronger and more dominant in our lives.  It helps us communicate, it allows us to search the Web wherever we are, and it brings us television and email… Soon, it will be totally global, and there won’t be a place on Earth where you could go and not be connected.  Connecting the world and connecting each other – those are the benefits of the Cloud.  Pair that with a super-media resource, like this one, and you have an unbeatable combination of knowledge!  So, stay “in the know” by staying blogged-in!

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