QMOD-SDI 2 More Than Doubles the Options for SDI Distribution

DALLAS, TX – March 11, 2014 – Back in 2009, the Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI revolutionized the distribution of HD-SDI programs in video studios, TV stations, and house of worship video presentation systems.

By transforming an HD-SDI signal into an HD QAM cable channel, the QMOD-SDI made it easy to tune in over RF coax in an entire facility; any off-the-shelf TV can receive the channel.

The new QMOD-SDI 2 takes the revolution to the next level – the ability to distribute two SDI programs over RF and IPTV systems – all for less cost than the original QMOD-SDI.

Sites are no longer limited to using SDI as a distribution option. While SDI is great for production, expensive distribution amps and interfaces are needed for others to view the video feed. RF channels can travel over miles of coax and fiber interfaces, and system can handle hundreds of channels at the same time. A complex router and control system isn’t required – everyone knows how to change TV channels.

Here’s how the new technology works.  Two SDI feeds are encoded into two programs within one MPEG-2 stream (called a Transport Stream because it carries more than one video). If Dolby AC-3 audio encoding or captioning is embedded in the SDI feed, those will be added to the programs as well. If all that sounds a lot like IPTV, it’s because both RF and IP use the same digital MPEG-2 stream.

The encoder then passes the stream to a QAM processor, and then sent over the RF system, where they will be tuned as channels XX-1 and XX-2. The same stream can also be sent from the QMOD’s Ethernet port to IPTV players on the network. In the future, MPEG-4 will be added as an encoding choice

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