Quantum at Game Developers Conference 2017

Quantum will show how its Xcellis workflow storage powers what’s next in game development and other demanding creative workflows. Equipped with the power to support multistream 4K workflows, Xcellis allows creative teams to produce richer game, virtual reality (VR) and visual effects (VFX) content more quickly and cost-effectively.

Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 Preview
Booth 237
March 1-3, San Francisco

Xcellis(TM) Workflow Storage Optimized for Game Development, VR and VFX
Powered by StorNext, the entertainment industry’s leading video workflow storage platform, Quantum‘s Xcellis workflow storage unites the power of a high-speed SAN and the ubiquity of Ethernet NAS in a single collaborative shared-storage environment ideal for game development, VR and VFX work. Built from the ground up to enable flexible capacity and performance expansion, Quantum storage can be tuned to support business growth and the demands of working with higher-resolution formats. Facilities can start with a small configuration, beginning production at a lower cost, and then increase performance and/or capacity as needed, simply by adding more controllers and spindles. Render farm scalability adds further agility. As the demands of various projects ebb and surge, Xcellis users can economically decrease or increase render servers, connecting either via Ethernet with NFS/SMB or with the StorNext Distributed LAN client (DLC). In the conforming phase of projects, media can be moved — within the same namespace — to a secondary fiber-connected playout volume that ensures high-speed playout while limiting traffic on the LAN connections being used to complete the project or begin a new one.

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Photo Caption: Reference Architecture for Animation and Visual Effects Workflows

Company Quote:

“At GDC 2017 we will highlight our award-winning Xcellis high-performance shared storage, a robust and exceptionally flexible architecture capable of delivering the optimal storage capabilities for game development. We will show attendees how this agile, powerful storage model enables creative facilities to streamline their workflows and boost overall efficiency and productivity.”
— Dave Frederick, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment, at Quantum

Company Overview:

Quantum is a global expert in workflow-optimized storage technologies and solutions. Quantum StorNext 5, the industry’s leading collaborative content production and archive platform, provides a unique combination of performance, low-cost capacity and easy access for content creators and owners ranging from the smallest post houses to the world’s largest media brands.

The company’s Xcellis(TM) shared storage solution enables users to create ultra-high-definition content with the highest-performance workflows that scale out to thousands of NAS clients. Powered by StorNext(R), Xcellis makes high-performance disk, object storage and the public cloud behave as one seamless, easy-to-manage storage environment.

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