Quantum’s Award-Winning StorNext 6 Release Is Now Shipping

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Aug. 1, 2017 — Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM) today announced the general availability of StorNext 6, a major new release of its StorNext(R) workflow storage platform that has already garnered multiple industry awards. Now shipping with Quantum‘s Xcellis(R) shared storage solutions, StorNext 6 adds new advanced data management features to StorNext’s industry-leading 4K performance.

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With its unique combination of top performance and automatic, policy-driven management, StorNext 6 addresses the challenges of ever-growing, higher-resolution content and enables users to capitalize on opportunities to re-monetize or re-purpose that content. New features in StorNext 6 allow users to be more efficient and cost-effective in meeting project performance demands, sharing and accessing content across geographically distributed teams, and managing and protecting archived content. Following its debut at the 2017 NAB Show, the new StorNext release received several industry honors for innovation and the significant operational and business benefits it delivers.

Optimizing Storage Performance
StorNext provides scalable storage that delivers high performance for 4K workflows using less hardware than competing systems. In addition, a new quality of service (QoS) feature in StorNext 6 allows users to:
* Tune and optimize performance across all client workstations, and on a machine-by-machine basis, in a shared storage environment.
* Allocate specific bandwidth to individual workstations so that more demanding tasks get the bandwidth they need to maintain uncompromising video quality.
* Set parameters ensuring that less timely or demanding tasks do not consume an unnecessary amount of bandwidth.

Streamlining Collaborative Workflows
StorNext 6 addresses the challenges of global “always on” production workflows with a new feature called FlexSpace(TM), which allows:
* Multiple instances of StorNext — and geographically distributed teams — located anywhere in the world to share a single storage repository.
* Shared repositories to include both public and private cloud storage that uses the standard S3 protocol.
* Facilities to establish protected off-site content storage.

Synchronizing Storage Across Multiple Sites
The new FlexSync(TM) capability in StorNext 6 provides a fast, flexible and simple way to synchronize content between multiple StorNext instances. It supports and automates processes such as:
* One-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one file replication at almost any level: specific files, specific folders or entire file systems.
* Instant identification of changes and immediate reflection of those changes on other systems.
* Automated copying of files so that they are available at multiple sites for collaborative work and for data protection.

Improving File Management
StorNext 6 gives users greater control and selectivity in maximizing their use of storage on an ROI basis, offering valuable new features such as:
* Copy expiration, which makes it easier to maintain data on the most appropriate and economical storage medium and, in turn, to free up space on more expensive storage.
* Selectable retrieve, which enables users to ensure that a file is retrieved from the most appropriate storage tier.
* Content auditing and tracking, which includes reporting of any changes to or movement of files.
* Online stripe group management, which allows additional storage capacity and performance to be added to existing stripe groups without disruption of critical workflows.
* Focused Mac Finder results, which essentially eliminate the lengthy retrieve process previously required to access an archived directory that could contain thousands or even millions of offline files.

Through its integration with Xcellis, StorNext 6 can deliver the benefits of all its new features in multi-tier storage solutions encompassing flash, spinning disk, object storage, tape and the cloud while maintaining optimized performance, visibility and access at every tier and regardless of geographical distribution.

StorNext 6 is shipping with all newly purchased Xcellis offerings and is also available at no additional cost to current Xcellis users running StorNext 5 under existing support contracts.

Supporting Quote
Dave Frederick, Senior Director of Media and Entertainment, Quantum
“With an array of powerful new features and capabilities, StorNext 6 allows content owners and creators to realize greater workflow efficiency and productivity while deriving greater value from their media assets. We look forward to working with new and prospective customers to help them discover the many ways in which StorNext 6 can enable them to achieve greater success.”

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