Quantum’s New StorNext 5.4 Release Provides Greater Efficiency and Flexibility in Media Content Management

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Dec. 13, 2016 — Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM) today announced StorNext 5.4, a new release of the company’s acclaimed workflow storage platform that brings new levels of efficiency and flexibility to media content management. StorNext 5.4 enhancements include the ability to integrate existing public cloud storage accounts and third-party object storage (private cloud) — starting with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cleversafe and Scality RING — as archive tiers in a StorNext(R)-managed media environment. Another new feature enables users to deploy applications embedded within StorNext-powered Xcellis(TM) workflow storage appliances.

Expanded Cloud Options
One of the most significant enhancements is a new feature in StorNext Storage Manager(TM) that offers automated, policy-based movement of content into and out of users’ existing public and private clouds while maintaining the visibility and access that StorNext provides. As a result, customers can protect their prior investments and reduce the cost and complexity of cloud storage administration. Additional benefits include:
* Seamless integration for public and private clouds within a StorNext-managed environment that can also encompass primary disk and tape storage tiers.
* Full user and application access to media stored in the cloud without the need for additional hardware or software.
* Extended versioning across sites and the cloud.
* The ability to leverage integrated cloud transfer acceleration, a broad selection of third-party WAN acceleration tools and high-speed connectivity options for high-volume data transfers.

Xcellis Storage Support for Application Deployment
By enabling applications to run inside its Xcellis Workflow Director, Quantum‘s new Dynamic Application Environment (DAE) capability in StorNext 5.4 allows users to leverage a converged storage architecture to reduce the time, cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining applications. The DAE supports embedded applications in self-contained virtual machines (VMs), with a hypervisor dynamically allocating resources as needed to guarantee both storage and application performance. This approach to application deployment eliminates the need for dedicated servers and networking resources, keeps applications close to content storage and helps users take full advantage of their compute resources. With support for both Windows and Linux VMs, the DAE adds application flexibility and compatibility to the storage environment. Ten media technology companies have already certified their applications for deployment on Xcellis or are in the process of doing so: Aspera, CatDV, Cantemo, Elements, Evolphin, FocalPoint Server, GLOOKAST, IPV, Metus and Telestream.

New Functionality in Xcellis Workflow Systems
StorNext 5.4 provides users with new connectivity options for Xcellis workflow storage — quad 16Gb Fibre Channel and dual 40Gb Ethernet — as well as new NAS capabilities such as NFS 4.0. Other StorNext 5.4 enhancements include:
* Support for a broader range of flash-based metadata controllers, including lower-price options for smaller deployments with high-performance requirements.
* Improved monitoring and reporting for real-time insight into the entire tiered-storage environment.
* Automated over-the-air upgrades.

StorNext Connect Refinements
In conjunction with the release of StorNext 5.4, Quantum has refined its StorNext Connect(TM) management tools with an app-based framework that facilitates the independent installation, operation and updating of individual components while they are online.
* The enhanced Installation App simplifies the initial installation and configuration of Xcellis systems, providing step-by-step walk-throughs and visual guides that match the new configuration options in StorNext 5.4 and on Xcellis.
* A new NAS App simplifies and consolidates management of NAS functionality.
* A Discovery App and a total environment Capacity Reporter App are also being developed.

Availability and Pricing
StorNext 5.4 is currently shipping with all newly purchased Xcellis, StorNext M-Series and StorNext Pro Solutions offerings, as well as Artico(TM) archive appliances. It is available at no additional cost for StorNext 5 users under current support contracts.

Supporting Quotes
Eran Zeitoun, Solutions Infrastructure and Integration Services Manager, Dalet
“We have worked with Quantum for a long time, using the StorNext APIs to help our customers get the most out of their scale-out storage systems. Now, with StorNext 5.4 and its rich enhancements to archive targets and connectivity, Dalet users working with Xcellis can take full advantage of our media asset management software while improving flexibility and performance.”

Dave Clack, CEO, Square Box Systems Ltd, CatDV Manufacturer
“CatDV technology has always played well with Quantum‘s StorNext platform and the company’s advanced scale-out storage. We’re taking things to a new level with StorNext 5.4 and Xcellis, which together allow users to run our media asset management application natively on workflow storage. In addition to accelerating CatDV application deployment, this innovative model gives our shared customers significant cost, performance and efficiency benefits.”

Jimmy Engelbrecht, CTO, Cantemo
“With the Dynamic Application Environment in StorNext 5.4, customers can deploy the Cantemo Portal application on the same underlying hardware as the Xcellis infrastructure. This reduces the cost of deployment because there is no need to purchase separate compute power and network infrastructure for the application. It also delivers higher performance because the application is closer to the storage.”

Dave Frederick, Senior Director of Media and Entertainment, Quantum
“One of the key challenges in today’s media workflows is managing the ever-growing volume of higher-resolution video content. Quantum has been at the forefront in helping users address this challenge and capitalize on the opportunities to leverage this content for greater business and organizational success. StorNext 5.4 builds on the company’s leadership, enabling users to extend their StorNext multi-tier storage environments and achieve even greater workflow efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.”

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