Quicklink announces superior performance within Quicklink Skype TX family

Quicklink has announced today that its Skype TX family of products will be further enhanced with the latest hardware improvements to optimise both call quality and resilience.  Quicklink, who celebrate their 15-year anniversary this year, is the only global hardware supplier to offer Dual Channel Management within the Quicklink Skype TX family.

The Quicklink TX incorporates the Skype TX engine, which last year was awarded an Emmy® Award for Technology & Engineering. This has been followed with Quicklink receiving further global recognition for their work by receipt of the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2018. This accolade is awarded for outstanding achievement in innovation where the company also demonstrates a strong corporate social responsibility.

Quicklink offer a range of hardware solutions to suit broadcaster’s requirement ranging from single compact entry level models to Quad call systems with high availability resilience. The Quicklink TX Duo is the only 2 Call Skype TX hardware on the global market and offers an economic solution for expanding call capacity.

Quicklink Skype TX features also include studio management of the caller IFB return audio, on-air tally light, adjustment of the audio and video settings, colour correction and call recording.

For more information about the Quicklink TX or other Quicklink solutions, please contact the sales department on +1792 720880 or email

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QuickLink provides broadcasters, production companies, sport organisations and corporates with the world's best remote production solutions. With over 20 years of revolutionising remote production, Quicklink’s mission is to empower creatives with the tools required to exceed modern-day standards of production content.
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