Quicklink Remote Communicator used to remotely proof movie

The Quicklink Remote Communicator has been used by a film studio to share and review movie footage of an unreleased movie between the editor and film producer at a remote location.

The Remote Communicator was required to share high quality edited footage of a movie between the editor and the producer for approval before the final cut. Both the editor and producer were able to watch the content at different locations while the producer commented in real-time to suggest changes to the final cut.

The film studio utilised the Audio Only option allowing only the producer’s audio to be returned instantaneously to the editor. Options within the Remote Communicator settings allows the producer to show/hide audio bars and mute the microphone when needed. This allows the content being streamed to the producer to be completely free from any disruptions or overlays.

It was extremely important that footage between the film editor and producer was highly secure and that there was no possibility that any footage could be leaked. The Quicklink Remote Communicator incorporates stream encryption using DTSL-SRTP framework, providing complete security to the streamed video and returned feed.

The Quicklink Remote Communicator allows you to stream live video and audio to a web browser and return audio and video or audio only in real time, full duplex with ultra-low delay.

The Remote Communicator can be used to create ad hoc ultra-low delay video/audio contributions from any device using a web browser, easily share high quality return video to a remote user and integrate ultra-low delay audio commentary into your workflow.

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