Quicklink Studio empowers Veolia press day between France, Poland & Morocco

The Quicklink Studio solution has been used in a press day for resource management company Veolia. The solution was used to connect the press day audience based in Paris, to the Volkswagen factory in Poland, the Renault factory in Morocco and Veolia based in Le Mans.

Havas Event Agency, the chosen partner of Veolia, called on TBC Media to assist in the audio-visual requirements of the project. TBC Media, a production and broadcast solution provider based in France, then approached Quicklink with a need for a low latency point-to-point encoder/decoder.

For the project, six Quicklink Studio ST100 were implemented at the Volkswagen site in Poland, the Renault site in Morocco and Veolia site in Le Mans, each with an HD-SDI camera input. At the production site in Paris, six Quicklink ST100 were installed to receive the feeds from the sites in Poland, Morocco and Le Mans.


From the initial contact with Quicklink and the communication and planning in-between, we were able to find the best solution for our project in order to guarantee our client a robust broadcast-quality solution, cost-effectively” said Stéphane Lemarchand, Director of Operations at TBC Media.

Stéphane continued: “Thanks to the Quicklink Studio, we were able to implement a full-duplex solution with very low delay at a quality far superior than satellite

TBC Media plan to use the Quicklink Studio in future ongoing projects and have strongly praised Quicklink’s listening and responsiveness when providing the Quicklink Studio solution.

For more information about the Quicklink Studio solution, visit the Quicklink Studio website.

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