Quicklink to demonstrate award-winning remote guest solutions at NAB 2023

Quicklink will be demonstrating their award-winning remote guest solutions on Booth N2867 at NAB Las Vegas 2023.

At NAB 2023, Quicklink will showcase the latest updates to the Quicklink Manager, the world’s most powerful remote guest contribution platform.

Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink: “Quicklink has become the staple of remote guest solutions, providing award-winning solutions for professionally introducing the highest-quality remote guests. To become the world’s best in remote guest solutions, we have listened to customer requirements and continuously improve our solutions to further improve broadcast-quality standards.”

Quicklink Studio (ST55) enables the introduction of high-quality remote guests from a web-browser with no applications or software installations required. The solution allows you to gather HD video and discrete high-quality audio contributions from any remote guest using a simple desktop, laptop or mobile device. Guests can be invited from the Quicklink Manager via SMS, WhatsApp, Email or by generating a secure unique link.

The ST500 (Studio-in-a-box), a compact and portable unit with inbuilt camera and lighting, is a hardware solution for introducing professional, high-quality remote guest contributions. All aspects of the ST500, including camera, lighting and audio, can be remotely controlled by an operator through a web-based interface, the Quicklink Manager.

Quicklink’s remote guest solutions offer the greatest possible level of remote control over remote guests utilising the Quicklink Manager. Manage virtual rooms, control your contributor’s camera/microphone/speaker, adjust resolution, tweak audio and more, completely remotely. The Quicklink Manager truly offers a level of control that is unmatched and critical when introducing contributions from guests remotely.

Using the Quicklink ST100, ST102, ST208 & ST200 hardware solutions, output your remote guest contributions at the highest possible quality with ultra-low latency to professional broadcast outputs such as HD-SDI, NDI and more. Also made possible, is seamless integration with the AI-powered Quicklink Cre8, the next-generation video production platform for creating professional virtual, in-person and hybrid events.

Dave Schwarz, Signature Production Group: “Quicklink is the ‘top shelf’ solution for connecting remote presenters. We needed it to be as easy as possible, secure, high-quality, and 100% reliable. Quicklink checks off all of those boxes and is our ‘go to’ for the best connection method possible.”

Quicklink’s remote guest solutions are used daily to facilitate high-quality remote guest contributions for the world’s leading brands, including BBC, Aljazeera, CNN, BT Sport, NEP, Microsoft, Bloomberg, CBS, Sky and more!

Quicklink will be demonstrating their award-winning remote guest solutions at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas from April 16th-19th 2023 at the Quicklink booth (N2867) and at the Grass Valley booth (C2408) as an Alliance partner.

Book an appointment with the Quicklink team at NAB Las Vegas, here.

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Quicklink helps broadcasters, production companies, sport organisations and corporates obtain professional guest contributions with a powerful, efficient, easy-to-use, management platform. With over 20 years of revolutionising remote video contribution, Quicklink’s mission is to empower creatives with the tools required to exceed modern-day standards of production content.
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