Quicklink TX brings Michelle Obama and Mulberry School for Girls together for International Day of the Girl

Skype and world-renowned magazine Glamour came together for International Day of the Girl to power a live conversation and discussion between Michelle Obama and adolescent girls around the world on the importance of education. For the event, Mulberry School for Girls, a high achieving, oversubscribed and successful girls’ comprehensive school joined in on the global live conversation using the Quicklink TX Multi.


For the conversation, Mulberry School for Girls required a high quality broadcast camera to interface with Skype. The event was watched by 75 students and the American Ambassador who were seated in the school’s theatre. It was very important that this output was displayed professionally without any other distractions. XLR audio outputs allowed Mulberry School for Girls to easily integrate with their theatre sound system. These requirements made the Quicklink TX the perfect solution.


“Mulberry School for Girls was delighted and honoured to be asked to be the United Kingdom venue for the global conversation on Women’s education on International Day of the Girl. For the event we wanted a reliable solution that would manage a high quality camera feed but also allowed the students participating in the event to have the best experience possible when watching the live stream” Christopher Stone, Theatre Technical Manager at Mulberry School for Girls.

Christopher Stone, Theatre Technical Manager from Mulberry School for Girls explained: “We chose the Quicklink TX Multi as the system came with both SDI and HDMI outputs which meant we had a solution that would be usable now with our current projectors (HDMI in) but would allow us at a later date to feed into a vison mixer using SDI”. Chris added: “Quicklink as a company was excellent! Sharon Howells was superb, very helpful and always happy to help when we had a question

Mulberry School for Girls are renowned for the rich content of their professional conferences and events and are now planning future events with the Quicklink TX whether it is to allow remote guest speakers to be part of an event or to collaborate with other schools. Chris explains: “We believe Skype is a powerful tool that will allow our students to engage interactively with inspirational people around the world, enabling discussions to be held both visually and aurally allowing true collaborative learning and sharing to take place”. The Mulberry Schools Trust are also opening Mulberry UTC in September 2017, a new University Technical College for 14-18 year olds specialising in the Creative Industries and the Health sector. The UTC will integrate the use of Skype into its film and television course, to teach students the skills required to operate the Quicklink TX systems. Mulberry UTC will also use the Quicklink TX to simulate a news studio scenario and as an affordable way of delivering an outside broadcast without the need for expensive satellite equipment. Within its health specialism, Mulberry UTC plans to explore the possibilities of using Skype as a way of providing students access to areas of a hospital that they would otherwise be unable to access, such as operating theaters, and as a way of connecting and collaborating with the pioneers and experts of the health industry around the world.


About Mulberry School for Girls

Mulberry School for Girls is a high achieving, over-subscribed and successful girls’ comprehensive school for pupils aged 11 to 18 in Shadwell, East London. It is a place where girls’ talents and abilities are nurtured in a safe creative space and where they can develop their ambitions and the power for self-determination. The aim for Mulberry School for Girls is for all pupils to leave the school as highly qualified, confident and articulate young women with a wealth of experience in the wider world. Outstanding academic achievement is very important for future success, as is the need to develop ‘Confidence, Creativity, Leadership’ and a life-long ‘Love of Learning’.


About Quicklink

Quicklink are one of the leading global provider for cost effective, high quality broadcast solutions in the fields of news, sport, entertainment and corporate media. Quicklink provides over 400 TV stations with software and hardware IP solutions for the transmission of live and edited video. Quicklink’s solutions are the best available for achieving superb video and audio quality from low speed connections up to high speed HD.

For more information regarding the Quicklink TX Multi speak to a member of the sales department on +44 1792 720880 or email [email protected]

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Photo by Clara Tsao (@tweetclarita)
Photo by Clara Tsao (@tweetclarita)
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