Quicklink Unveils Carbon Calculator Enabling Companies to Monitor & Reduce Carbon Footprint

Quicklink, providers of the world’s most powerful remote contribution management platform, have released a new tool that allows organisations to see how much carbon dioxide (CO2) they mitigate being emitted into the atmosphere by using the Quicklink remote contribution solutions.

Transportation is a large source of worldwide CO2 emissions. Along with a new whitepaper ‘Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Protect our Planet Without Comprising on Quality’, Quicklink has also released a Carbon Calculator that uses a unique algorithm to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions mitigated by having contributors contribute virtually using the Quicklink platform, instead of travelling to contribute in-person.

During Quicklink remote contributions, both the remote guest browser and studio operator interface intuitively displays the amount of CO2  that has been saved. In addition, operators have the option to access customised reports on collected data.


Richard, CEO of Quicklink says:

“When it comes to helping our environment, we believe that knowledge is power. We’re really proud to be playing a part – allowing our customers to monitor their carbon emissions and use this information to make conscious decisions to reduce their carbon footprint by contributing virtually.  

Here at Quicklink, we know that creating broadcast-quality contributions is essential, so by using our technology, we’re allowing customers to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions without compromising on the quality of their contributions.”

Quicklink helps broadcasters, production companies, sports organisations and corporates obtain professional guest contributions with a powerful, easy-to-use management platform. The Quicklink solutions ensure you can optimise your remote contribution workflow and maximise your production quality.

Quicklink enables high-quality remote contribution links from an all-in-one Studio-in-a-box or from a regular desktop, laptop or mobile device with no apps or software installations required. From the Quicklink Manager, operators can easily control and configure the contributor’s camera, microphone, speaker settings, resolution, audio gain, data bandwidth, latency and more, all completely remotely.

You can download the ‘Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Protect our Planet Without Compromising on Quality’ whitepaper and read how Quicklink are committed to helping business here.

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QuickLink provides broadcasters, production companies, sport organisations and corporates with the world's best remote production solutions. With over 20 years of revolutionising remote production, Quicklink’s mission is to empower creatives with the tools required to exceed modern-day standards of production content.
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