Quortex Redefines Live-streaming with New I/O Cloud-native Platform

Quortex, the OTT-Native live delivery solution for simple, cost efficient live streaming, is launching Quortex I/O, a cloud-native platform giving content owners complete control over the resources and bandwidth needed to conduct live-streams and launch new online services. This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution lets users meet demand for content easily and quickly by delivering pop-up or 24/7 online channels that can reach millions of people globally.

Based on the company’s patented “Just-In-Time-Everything” technology, Quortex I/O maximizes the benefits of live streaming while minimizing the risks associated with online event launches to near zero.

I/O lets customers “pay as they use,” only charging them for what the platform produces or supports. Where competitive offerings may charge for transcoding regardless of viewer traffic, I/O only charges customers for the bitrates subscribers consume while watching content and can even charge by the specific user profiles being transcoded.

“Our approach makes streaming a risk-free opportunity for engaging audiences with personalized content based on a subscriber’s characteristics, with no need for an external management system,” said Marc Baillavoine, CEO of Quortex. “Subscribers can be analyzed to understand their preferences, the type of devices they use or where they are located and more. We’ve designed Quortex I/O to be as simple as it should be while delivering a sustainable option for streaming content anywhere globally through the cloud.”

By taking advantage of the latest cloud technologies, I/O lets users deploy only the resources required for a live-stream, and the platform can also make use of cloud providers’ unused capacity.

“I/O never wastes a single kWh and makes streaming a greener option,” said Baillavoine.

Quortex is exhibiting the I/O platform at IBC, stand 5.C33. For more information, visit

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