“Radio Free Albemuth” Delivered to Kickstarter Supporters via WCPMedia Services

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LOS ANGELES—In a new  DIY distribution model for independent filmmakers, the producers of Radio Free Albemuth recently used WCPMedia Services’ cloud-based media management platform WCPApp to stream the film to more than 800 crowd-sourced backers around the world. Recipients were able to view a Blu-ray quality version of the film on devices of their choice via a private screening room. The WCP platform provided a cost-effective solution for backers to watch the film, while providing bank-level security against duplication and piracy.

Radio Free Albemuth, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly), was produced by Discovery Productions and directed by John Alan Simon, who also wrote the screenplay. Funding for a 15-city, limited U.S. theatrical release came in part from a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that attracted more than 1000 supporters worldwide.

eJ_w0jRrThe film has drawn enthusiastic reviews. Variety called it “consistently absorbing” and added that it “operates successfully as a study of enlightenment and a straight-ahead conspiracy thriller.” It has screened at special events, such as the Philip K. Dick Festival, the Worldcon convention and the Science Fiction Hall of Fame induction ceremonies at the EMP Museum in Seattle, and the prestigious Indie Night series at Lincoln Center Film Society in New York.

The producers of the film became interested in WCPMedia Services’ platform when searching for an efficient way to deliver the film to its Kickstarter funders. “We needed a streaming option, but many of the solutions we looked at were either very expensive, didn’t provide the security we needed, or both,” explains Simon. “WCP, by contrast, has a very simple interface for both administrators and users, offers rock-solid security, and delivers an excellent streaming experience. It was a great solution– especially to make the film accessible for our international backers in countries where the film hasn’t yet been released.”

WCP offers an integrated and streamlined workflow for film production, post-production and distribution. Content owners upload master files to cloud-based servers and use a simple UI to manage and share content. The platform leverages leading edge transcoding, rendering and storage technology to make the management of very large media files—up to and including 4K—quick and efficient. It also employs Tier 4 data center security, similar to that used by large financial institutions, to guard against piracy.

The WCP private Screening Room used to stream Radio Free Albemuth to Kickstarter supporters can easily be expanded to a general distribution model. Filmmakers could potentially dispense with middle-man distribution companies and deliver films directly to thousands of individual audience members. “It can be an important tool for filmmakers who have done the festivals but do not have a deal with a major distributor,” says Radio Free Albemuth producer Elizabeth Karr. “It’s a new way to monetize a film.”

WCP can also serve as a bridge to traditional distributors. Simon notes that his team plans to upload the full resolution copy of the film to the WCPMedia cloud in order to provide it to foreign television broadcasters and international distributors. “It’s a seamless archive for the movie,” he explains. “We can easily produce versions to conform to the delivery specs of different markets and platforms. It also provides tools for creating and managing promotional media.”

Discovery Productions is planning to use WCP for the post-production and distribution phases of another project, a 4K restoration of the classic Dennis Hopper film Out of the Blue. “We are always looking for solutions that are flexible and cost effective,” states Simon. “WCP is like a Swiss Army knife; it can be applied efficiently to a lot of tasks.”

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