Rascular, the leading supplier of PC-based multi-device control technology, is easing operator pressure in stressful on-air environments with the launch of a brand new version of Mediant. This branding media management tool now provides both manual and automated monitoring and management of assets with newly added support for Harmonic’s Spectrum ChannelPort™ CiAB technology.


Satisfying the increasing number of channel branding requirements is an ongoing issue for broadcasters and playout providers in an on-air environment. Often, MAM or automation system-based solutions are cost-prohibitive or not specifically tailored to what’s required. Ensuring the correct media, in the correct format is where it should be, when it should be, is a considerable challenge. With some installations there can be over 200 branding devices.


Mediant provides drag and drop functionality for branding asset management as well as the conversion of those assets to the correct playout format. The new version of Mediant has been upgraded to include Harmonic Spectrum ChannelPort compatibility as well as benefiting from improved media access with a Windows-like file structure and effortless media identification.


It also now includes the brand new Mediant Automation Module (Mediant-AM), activated by a separate licence purchase.  Mediant-AM adds a sophisticated level of automation to the media management process, automatically syncing the media that’s on the device with what the automation playlist requires. As with Mediant, it also provides conversion of assets into the correct format.


Ephraim Barrett, Sales Director with Rascular, said, “There’s the automation system with its playlist and there’s the branding device. Mediant-AM reads what media is actually on the playout device and compares that to the playlist. If media is missing, Mediant accesses the branding media server and moves anything that’s required. This is all fully automated.”


Mediant-AM is server-based with an easy-to-use web GUI that allows operators to see if it has flagged up any issues, such as missing media. This sits within Rascular’s web hub that also provides access to its RouteMaster software. Mediant-AM is currently compatible with Harmonic’s Spectrum ChannelPort™ CiAB technology as well as Imagine’s ADC automation and is able to work with Grass Valley’s Imagestore branding devices. This will be expanded across 2016 using Rascular’s vast knowledge of industry protocols.


Barrett adds, “Channel branding is crucial in establishing and developing an on-air brand. Many MAM and automation systems are not designed to handle specific channel branding requirements and that’s where the new version of Mediant is a vital tool, be that the automated or manual version. Channel branding is somewhat counterproductive if it goes wrong. Mediant prevents that.”


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