Raycom Media Automates Network/Syndicated Promos with Pixel Power

NAB 2015, Las Vegas #N1933: Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast graphics and workflow solutions, is to install a Pixel Factory automated content packaging system at Raycom Media’s WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama. From this central location it will create unique promos for three of Raycom Media’s Fox affiliate television stations, delivering the content as files direct to each market’s playout systems.

By automating this repetitive task, Raycom Media is looking to utilise staff and facilities for more creative work. In addition a greater number and range of promos can be executed even though the production costs have been lowered through using Factory.

The Pixel Factory automated content packaging solution is a scalable and flexible system for creating finished motion graphics and media content in files that can be played or distributed from video servers, Channel-in-a-Box systems, streaming solutions for linear playout or non-linear VoD/OTT services. Pixel Factory runs on readily available, easily deployed standard IT server hardware utilising the legendary Pixel Power Clarity Graphics engine, guaranteeing outstanding graphic and image quality.

Once a set of standard templates has been created by the design team the producer orders the promo versions required using a simple spreadsheet. Pixel Factory software then automatically generates each version of the promo as a video file. A single set of instructions results in Pixel Factory generating packaged content for multiple stations and distribution platforms. Each file is automatically rendered in the chosen file format and delivered with the relevant metadata.

“We have a large investment in our network and syndicated programming and it’s important to keep the promotion fresh and immediate as we make the audience aware of the next episode or series,” said Lec Coble, Corporate Director of Marketing for Raycom Media. “Our goal is to take the provided network and syndicated promos, make them appealing to the viewer while quickly handling the production involved. After testing the Pixel Factory system in 2014, we see a lot of potential. By installing the system at WBRC, we are looking to further test the capabilities of the system and the potential time savings our marketing departments could experience, enabling them to focus on other marketing opportunities.”

James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power, said “We showed the team at Raycom Media the entire process from creating templates to the automatic delivery of multiple versions of a promo. They got it immediately – they saw how Pixel Factory could save them time and money, which can be better spent on creating more marketing content and creative material.”

The system will be installed at WBRC in Birmingham, AL and in production in early May 2015. Pixel Factory, and the rest of Pixel Power’s range of high quality graphics engines and workflow solutions can be seen at NAB 2015 (Las Vegas, 13 – 16 April) on booth number N1933.

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