Red Bee Media, a leading global managed services provider in broadcasting and media, has entered a partnership with Swedish streaming innovator Nenda, boosting the company’s efforts in disrupting the global B2B Television market. Nenda will leverage Red Bee Media’s Managed OTT and Distribution services in order to provide the hospitality industry with a unique streaming service, delivering the next generation television experience in hotel rooms worldwide.

Anders Hässel, CEO and Founder, Nenda

The service, powered by Red Bee Media’s Managed OTT and Distribution Services, will offer hotel chains a cost efficient, content rich and highly customizable streaming service uniquely integrated with booking systems and loyalty programs. The service will provide hotel guests with a whole new TV experience with high-quality, personalized and on-demand shows during their stay, far from the linear and impersonal content provided in hotels today. Guest will for example be offered channels and content based on the country from which they are visiting as well as on individual preferences. Going forward, Nenda plan to roll out similar services for other segments, including restaurants, bars and clubs, hospitals and elderly homes.

“Even in the most modern hotels the TV offering is often the same as in the 90s, where the guest has to flip through dissatisfying content in a foreign language, which leads to frustration rather than an entertaining experience. We want to change this and we have ambitious goals, planning to disrupt and revolutionize the B2B segment for TV & streaming on a global scale and the hospitality industry is just the beginning. With Managed OTT and Distribution services from Red Bee Media we are able to provide the best possible platform to our customers”, says Anders Hässel, CEO and Founder, Nenda

Steve Nylund CEO Red Bee Media

Steve Nylund, CEO, Red Bee Media

The Red Bee Media Managed OTT Services are built on a cloud-based and open standards technology supporting a wide array of use cases, including premium live events, linear channels, catch-up and video-on-demand. This in combination with Red Bee Media’s global Channel Store will give Nenda and their customers access to a repository of thousands of channels from global suppliers.

“We are proud and excited to be part of Nenda’s Journey from the start”, says Steve Nylund, CEO, Red Bee Media “Our Managed OTT offering is at the forefront of the industry and working with Nenda enables us to showcase its potential for giving any type of business the opportunity to leverage the possibilities of streaming video content”


For more information please contact

Jesper Wendel, Head of Communications, Red Bee Media
+33(0)786 63 19 21

Anders Hässel, CEO & Co-founder, Nenda AB

+46 (0) 70 885 23 02

Carl Johan Barnekow, Head of Marketing & Co-founder, Nenda AB

+46 (0) 736 88 92 37

About Nenda

Nenda is a global streaming service for businesses. We deliver high-quality entertainment through the Nenda Platform and offer the most flexible, user-friendly TV Service for businesses around the world.

The “hotel experience” is a well-known expression that describes a “better-than-home-feeling,” but the TV experience in hotels is inferior to what guests experience in their homes. Today’s technical solution is also both expensive and complex for hotels to handle. The streaming service Nenda is the solution to the problem: An all-in-one streaming service with movies, sports, linear channels and rental shop. Today, it is in discussions with the Nordic region’s largest hotel chains and pilots are booked after the summer.

The hotel TV market is a global, multi-billion-euro market and there is a total of more than 16 million hotel rooms, a number that is growing quickly. Nenda has global ambitions for all B2B segments, but is initially launching in the Nordic region with a focus on hotels. It will then expand to other geographic markets and business segments. For more information visit

About Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media is a leading global media services company with a staff of more than 2500 media service and broadcast experts. With the head office in London, UK, Red Bee Media provides services from 11 main hubs around the world. Every day, millions of people on all continents watch television programs prepared, managed and broadcast by Red Bee Media staff. Every year, the business delivers 4 million hours of programming in more than 60+ languages for over 500 TV channels. Red Bee Media’s OTT services include live transcoding of 233 channels for broadcasters and 119 standalone channels provided to 1.7 million subscribers. The company’s content discovery portfolio spans more than 10 million movies and program titles, covering over 25 languages, and includes an image database with over 90 percent of all programming available across traditional TV, VOD and SVOD. Red Bee Media also provides over 200,000 hours of captioning each year – more than 70,000 hours of which is live. Red Bee Media is an equal opportunity employer, with a clear focus on embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace throughout the entire organization.

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