Red Bee Media Streamlines Simultaneous Radio and TV Broadcast Production with QuantumCast Partnership

Red Bee Media, a leading global media services provider, has partnered with QuantumCast, a cloud-based orchestration of QuantumCast-Audio backend services, to expand its audio streaming capability offering for customers. This updated service offering from Red Bee Media will allow broadcasters to benefit from greater device reach, improved ad insertion capability and increased scalability for both TV and radio.

The integration of QuantumCast with Red Bee Pulse, its scalable OTT service, adds the following features: IceCast audio streaming to connected speakers, channel aggregation applications and websites, dynamic ad insertion and replacement enabling targeted advertisement, advanced analytics, cloud-based audio playout, and synchronized metadata streams.

Marko Elsner, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer, QuantumCast, said, “We are pleased to work with Red Bee Media, an experienced and technically skilled partner, as we expand our market share across the European region. Thanks to this successful partnership, many more customers now have the opportunity to distribute their audio content via the QuantumCast platform and benefit from increasingly important technology areas, such as audio streaming, AdTech and Big Data.”

The combined platform provides a collection of varied, reliable, and scalable cloud services for audio content production, individualization and distribution. Its intuitive design enables a self-service style porta for users to create and manage audio streams more efficiently.Steve Russell, Chief Product Officer, Red Bee Media, commented,

“Working with QuantumCast enables us to add proven, high quality audio streaming technology to our services. As a result, our broadcast customers can now easily work across TV and radio broadcasts simultaneously. We selected QuantumCast because of its scalable cloud-based architecture, rich set of features and customer references; we’re delighted to partner with them.”

A European broadcaster is leveraging the Red Bee Pulse and QuantumCast service with several other active proofs of concepts.

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