Red Bull Media House documentary , Blood Road, opened Sun Valley Film Festival

Inspiring Voyage of Self-Discovery follows Idaho Native and Professional Cyclist Rebecca Rusch as she Pedals the Rugged Ho Chi Minh Trail in Search of the Crash Site that Claimed her Father’s Life During the Vietnam War.

World Premiere: Wednesday, March 15th | Encore Screening: Saturday, March 18th

Red Bull Media House’s feature length documentary, BLOOD ROAD, opened the Sun Valley Film Festival in Idaho on Wednesday, March 15th, with an encore screening Saturday, March 18th. The bold film stars famed ultra-endurance mountain biker Rebecca Rusch and Vietnamese competitive biking champion Huyen Nguyen.

Rusch’s father was killed in 1972 when his U.S. Air Force fighter plane was shot down during the Vietnam War. Audiences are taken on a powerful journey as Rusch and Nguyen cycle 1,200 miles of the notorious Ho Chi Minh trail in search of his crash site. While the women navigate the dense jungles of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia they discover a shared humanity that can help heal the wounds left by a historic conflict more than 40 years later.

Directed by Nicholas Schrunk and produced by Sandra Kuhn, BLOOD ROAD is more than a history lesson, it’s a daughter’s love letter to her lost father, and a remarkable undertaking fueled by the power of a newly formed friendship.

“Blood Road is a story about the physical and emotional scars that war leaves on countries, cultures and families,” says Schrunk. “We set out on the Ho Chi Minh trail to document an epic cycling expedition, as well as Rebecca’s personal journey to visit the crash site, but we ended up
uncovering something much deeper.”

“I’ve spent most of my life racing around the world only to find it was all leading to the most important journey of my life,” says Rusch. “Since my trip down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I’ve been waiting anxiously to share this story, and it’s incredibly special for me to kick off the next
part of this epic adventure in front of my hometown crowd in Idaho.”
Red Bull Media House announced BLOOD ROAD at Cannes last year as its first feature-length film written, produced, directed and edited entirely in-house. The small production crew met the challenges presented by the unpredictable jungle terrain by riding enduro motorcycles with gear
strapped to their backs.

“We are honored to open the 2017 Sun Valley Film Festival with a film that shares such a unique story,” added Scott Bradfield, Senior Vice President of Production and Development for Red Bull Media House North America. “Blood Road is a testament to Red Bull Media House’s
commitment to independent cinema, storytelling and the power of human perseverance around the world.”

BLOOD ROAD will premiere at 6:00 PM on March 15th at the Sun Valley Opera House,followed by an encore screening at 1:30 PM on March 18th at the Community School.

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