RED Digital Cinema: HYDROGEN ONE Unveiled!

RED Digital Cinema has announced numerous cutting edge technology breakthroughs in the past, and this announcement figures to truly be one that will not only impact the digital video industry, but also the telecommunications industry (Yes, you read that right, the mobile phone industry to be exact!).  Introducing the world’s first holographic media creation machine, that can be safely transported in your pocket, and without wearing any funny looking glasses! The HYDROGEN ONE mobile video creation phone! Starting at $1,195.00 for the Aluminum model and $1,595.00 for the Titanium model respectively, this technology will certainly create a buzz not only to the digital video professional but now, to the average consumer (with a mid to high six figure salary)!

The HYDROGEN ONE will operate on Android OS and will give the user a “senses stimulating experience” where a 5.7″ Professional HYDROGEN holographic display will seamlessly switch between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive gaming in both landscape and portrait modes!

Users will be able to:

View all traditional 2D content normally at full screen resolution / View holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View Content (H4V) / View stereo 3D content / View 2D-3D VR, AR, and MR. The proprietary audio H30 algorithm which will be  embedded into the OS,  will give the user a true 5.1 expansive multi-dimensional audio experience. The HYDROGEN ONE will also integrate into the RED camera program, and will work with (you guessed it): Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon as a user interface and monitor making this a complete control center!

So, what’s in the box: The HYDROGEN ONE media machine comes with a USB-C cable and charger, and a expandable Mirco SD card slot, and a “special small token” for ordering the units early- Future attachments and accessories will provide for shooting higher quality  and still images and (of course) for the HYDROGEN format holographic images. The expected target ship date has been set for Q1 2018!

To pre-order this “one of a kind” – (make your neighbor or even your professional peer envious) media machine. Go here:

About RED Digital Cinema: In 2006, RED Digital Cinema began a revolution with the 4K RED ONE® digital camera—altering the future of filmmaking. Two years later, RED broke the mould by debuting a camera that could shoot both cinema and stills with a new DSMC® (Digital Still and Motion Camera) system. This breakthrough allowed the same camera used to shoot features such as ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy and ‘Gone Girl’—as well as the Emmy-winning ‘House of Cards’—to capture covers and editorials for magazines such as ‘Vogue’.  In 2014, RED began providing a broadcast solution that allows shooters to stream live in 4K while recording 6K REDCODE RAW masters—creating a solution for today’s studio and broadcast applications that is also future-proofed for tomorrow’s 4K market. This year, RED debuted the newest member of the RED DRAGON® sensor family, the WEAPON® camera. WEAPON is RED’s most compact and lightweight camera BRAIN® ever and includes new features such as workflow enhancements, cable-free and intuitive peripherals, integrated mountings, and simultaneous recording of Apple ProRes and REDCODE RAW. Boasting amazing color science and dynamic range, the 19 megapixel RED DRAGON sensor continues to reinforce that whether you are a photographer, cinematographer, or broadcaster—RED has you covered.

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