Red Giant Releases VFX Suite 1.5 for Adobe After Effects

Portland, OR – May 14, 2020 – Red Giant today released an update to VFX Suite, its collection of keying, tracking, cleanup and visual effects compositing tools, all right inside Adobe® After Effects®. The VFX Suite 1.5 update introduces Lens Distortion, a brand new tool for matching the distortion of any lens, and provides powerful updates to some of the original tools: Supercomp, Optical Glow, King Tracker, Shadow and Reflection.

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When we released VFX Suite last year, our goal was to solve the challenges faced by professional VFX artists by giving them next generation tools right inside of After Effects” said Stu Maschwitz, Maxon/Red Giant’s Chief Creative Officer. “With VFX Suite 1.5, we’re excited to build on that with new and updated tools that allow for even better visual effects and compositing results.”

New Lens Distortion Tool

Lens Distortion is a new tool that makes matching the distortion of a lens incredibly easy, so that elements can be seamlessly composited in a shot. Lens Distortion can also determine the type of lens used for a shot on its own, in an instant. As curved lines are identified that should be straight, the lens distortion tool quickly solves the lens. Just a few clicks and the job is done, all within the After Effects workflow. 

Introducing: Lens Distortion

Updates to Current Tools

Here’s what’s new with existing tools inside of VFX Suite 1.5. All plugins are GPU-accelerated, giving AE users great results at incredibly fast speeds.


  • Color Match: Use the new Color Match tool (found in the Color Correction tool) and Supercomp will instantly match the black and white points of the layers behind it, providing a fast way to get a much more believable composite.
  • Color Space Options: Supercomp now includes professional color handling options, with 28 new color spaces added. The tool supports popular cameras from Arri, Blackmagic, Canon, RED and more.
  • Optical Glow and Layer Glow tools have been updated to include new Radiate options for creating organic light rays, the ability to separately scale the RGB channels of the glow, and the ability to separately scale the effect on the X and Y axes.

Introducing: Supercomp 1.5


  • Radiate: Add light rays to a glow using the new Radiate feature. Users can also control the size and center point of the rays. 
  • Per-Channel Size: Separately scale the RGB channels of the glow creating a more organic effect. 
  • Size XY: Optical Glow 1.5 introduces the option to separately control the scale of the glow effect on both the X- and Y-axis.

Introducing: Optical Glow 1.5


  • Copy ‘To Pins’ to ‘From Pins’: A new one-click workflow that copies the position of the ‘To Pins’ to the ‘From Pins.’ This speeds up processes like painting out an object, adding a set extension, and more.
  • Enhanced User Experience: King Ping Tracker now has better placement tools such as the ability to move the entire shape as one, and the ability to grab and offset the edges of a layer within the planar space created by the corner pin. 


  • Show Shadow Only: A one-click solution for instantly hiding the contents of the source layer and showing only the shadow. 
  • Distortion: Distort a shadow over bumps and dips in the background layer for a more realistic composite.


  • Show Reflection Only: A one-click solution for instantly hiding the contents of the source layer and showing only the reflection. 
  • Distortion: Distort a reflection over bumps and dips in the background layer (such as the ripples on the surface of a lake) for a more realistic composite.

Introducing: Shadow and Reflection 1.5

Learn more about what’s new in VFX Suite 1.5 and how to update on the Red Giant blog.

VFX Suite 1.5 Pricing

Red Giant VFX Suite is available as a subscription or as part of Red Giant Complete, the subscription service that gives editors, motion designers and VFX artists all Red Giant tools at one low price – Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, VFX Suite and Shooter Suite. With Red Giant Complete, annual subscribers will have the most up-to-date versions of all tools, saving thousands of dollars over traditional perpetual licenses.

  • Red Giant Complete Annual Price: $599
  • Red Giant Complete Monthly Price: $79
  • VFX Suite 1.5 Price: $999
  • VFX Suite 1.5 Upgrade Price: $199

All current Red Giant Complete subscribers will receive this update for free. Users who own a perpetual license of VFX Suite 1.0 are eligible for a $199 upgrade. Users can purchase the upgrade here. Visit the Red Giant blog for instructions on how to upgrade. 


  • Host-App: All of the tools work in Adobe After Effects 2018 and later. Knoll Light Factory, Primatte Keyer, Optical Glow and Chromatic Displacement also work in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and later.

  • OS: All tools work on both Windows and Mac.

  • Check the individual product pages for specific host-app and OS compatibility.

Visit the VFX Suite Compatibility page to learn more about specific versions and OS support. 

The Red Pledge

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