Renegade Animation Helps DairyPure and KBS Send a Message About Childhood Innocence

GLENDALE, Calif.— Renegade Animation supplied the merriment for a new commercial for DairyPure in which a toddler shows his dad how to enjoy a “pure moment.” Conceived by New York agency KBS, News opens on a man staring at his cellphone over breakfast as a talking heads news program blares from a television screen in the background.  The show is interrupted by the arrival of the man’s young son, who switches the channel to a cartoon show featuring a corpulent mammal. Dad soon gets the message and joins his son for a laugh and a bowl of cereal with DairyPure milk. The tagline is, “Pure milk, pure moments, nothing else.”

The cartoon segment, created by Renegade Animation, is designed to recall classic television animation of the 1960s. “It’s meant to look like a cartoon you may have seen as a child,” explains Renegade Animation Executive Producer Ashley Postlewaite.

Renegade Animation Creative Director Darrell Van Citters and his team of artists designed the bear-like central character and his two cohorts, and sketched out quick scenarios of slapstick humor. “It was a challenge for the artists to come up with something that worked quickly, and was cute and charming,” Postlewaite says. “It’s fun and creates just the right contrast to the bickering pundits in the news show.”

News is KBS’s first broadcast work for DairyPure and part of an integrated campaign that also includes a series of digital shorts celebrating childhood innocence.

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Renegade Animation is located at 111 E. Broadway, Ste. 208, Glendale, California 91205. Call 818.551.2351 or visit


Client:                  DairyPure. Marissa Jarratt, VP, Marketing & Innovation; Joe Reske, Sr. Director of Marketing.

Agency:               KBS. Ted Florea, Global Chief Strategy Officer; Rita Dory, Strategy Director; Pooja Kakr, Associate Brand Strategist; Keith Butters, Global Chief Technology Officer; Mike Abell, Group Creative Director; Kevin Gentile, Group Creative Director; Steve Cady, Associate Creative Director; Kristin Cubbison, Copywriter; Madison Wharton, Global Chief Production Officer; Dennis McKinley, Executive Content Producer; Laura Peguero, Content Producer.

Production:        Hungry Man. Hank Perlman, Director; Kevin Byrne, Executive Producer.

Animation:         Renegade Animation. Darrell Van Citters, Creative Director; Ashley Postlewaite, Executive Producer; Yehudi Mercado, Character Designer/Animator.

Edit:                     Arcade Edit. Brad Waskewich, Editor.

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