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Job Opening: Research Analyst


Position: Research Analyst
Company: The Burgess Group LLC
Location: Alexandria VA US

Why Burgess You’ll have a positive impact on the world

Each year in America, healthcare businesses waste millions of hours and billions of dollars trying to get payments right. Our flexible software and accurate data feeds help clients eliminate this administrative waste, work more closely with their partners, and ultimately, provide more certainty for people at the point of care.

By joining us in fixing this gnarly problem, you’ll be helping to improve the healthcare system overall, with knock-on effects for everyone in America.

Your Contributions will really matter We’re a growing company, so you’ll be given a ton of creative freedom; everything you do will count.

Position Overview The Burgess Research Analyst positions are extremely unique and require a different skill set, not typical for other healthcare IT business analyst or research analyst role.

As a Burgess Research Analyst, you drive product development through each of our Agile, two-week sprint development cycles, from requirement inception to software release.

As a Burgess Research Analyst, you are a focal point throughout our SDLC – you are the go-to person when questions arise about policy or product functionality from all departments: Client Services, Quality Assurance, Implementations and Development.

As a Burgess Research Analyst, you become a health care policy expert. You analyze and interpret Medicare/Medicaid data, and other policy that comes in many different forms: reports, provider publications, addenda, etc.

This role presents an excellent opportunity to learn the basis of health care payment. The knowledgebase opens career paths in many different areas of the company (and industry) including Burgess management and other leadership roles.

What the role involves (Responsibilities)


You quickly read and analyze Medicare policy including final rulings, daily transmittals, bulletins, policy manual updates and more to begin the cycle of product development/maintenance

You contact various government entities to clarify new and existing policy

You analyze, review, study and verify data as it becomes available from government and other policy agencies. This can be a 1,200 page Medicare rule or revisiting a physician fee schedule (data file) that has been reposted.

You may engage existing clients to identify specific functionality requirements

Write Requirements

We write “back-end” requirements derived from the very health care policy we read to build payment edits, correct coding edits, pricing algorithms, etc.

Create detailed excel formula to explain and prove out complex payment methodologies

We introduce data into our systems associated with edit and policy requirements

We create detailed logic flow diagrams to help convey a particular order of operations


We host kick-off meetings with our development team to explain requirements, creating an open environment to ask questions and provide explanation

We foster open communication and collaborate with a developer(s) to step through more complex requirements

We explain and define data to our data analysts; providing detail needed to assist in setting up the correct data structures and maintenance plans

Quality Assurance

We hold kick-off meetings with our QA team to explain requirements and give other a chance to ask questions

We troubleshoot claims and provide explanation when testing yields an unexpected result

We test all our requirements in our system and using test applications during our “UAT” process

Work with our Sales Team and with Clients

We support our sales team – this may involve participating in meeting to answer policy questions as they arise

We support our client services team – we collaborate and assist with more complex policy questions and provide supporting citations / information as necessary

What you’ve got (Qualifications & Skills)

Excellent communication skills

Bachelor’s Degree

Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and in a team environment

Critical (analytic) thinking, looking into logic-based details while problem-solving for the overall big picture

Professional poise: ability to credibly interact with and educate various internal and external groups and individuals (colleagues, clients, industry groups), effectively navigating organizational environments and managing expectations

Exudes professional and personal respect and willingness to collaborate

Team building and people development and management skills

Who you are (Ideal Competencies/Skills)

Above all, we are looking for individuals who want to learn. A health care background is not mandatory (we will teach the right person). Our ideal candidate has very strong research skills and possesses strong mathematic and problem solving ability. This individual is a logical thinker who creates requirements based on factual research.

How we work (team & culture)

Collaborative — we work together and help each other do our best work by building on our work across teams and offices. We don’t own individual ideas or look for credit

User driven — we place our clients and users’ needs above all else. If it matters to a user, it matters to us. We work for them – who we report to keeps us accountable to that

Hands-on — we get in the thick of it, get things done always hold ourselves accountable. We do it ourselves, we don’t delegate and we don’t wait for problems t

Impact over ego — our culture is about results, not ownership. Great ideas have seniority over titles and levels, and great thinkers outshine fancy pedigrees.

In it — we don’t let coworkers or clients figure it out, we get in the thick of it and do it with them. We are experts on every detail, and pride ourselves in

Forward looking — we look beyond our own world to constantly improve our business. We welcome outside speakers, tap into the latest tech, and to make sure we’re always tapped into what’s coming and future-proof

Caring & close knit — we know and care about our people’s whole-person. We know each other’s project superpowers – but also our upcoming family trips and favorite after- work drinks

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