Revolutionizing the Broadcasting World with the Vinten Vantage

Since being founded over 100 years ago, Vinten has been established as a world leader in camera support systems with over 80 registered patents and their best-in-class range of products that include manual supports, robotic heads, pedestals, and controllers.

Continuing to expand on their tradition of technological innovation, the Vitec Videocom brand just released the new Vinten Vantage – a compact robotic head that offers ultimate motion control and unmatched flexibility during James Wilsonproduction, all while enabling broadcast-quality video. Set to revolutionize both existing and future broadcast studios, the Vinten Vantage is a completely unique product and a clear upgrade from a traditional PTZ solution since it distinctively enables the user to choose the best camera and lens for their application without limitations.

After sitting down with Vinten’s Global Product Marketing Manager James Wilson, we got a closer look at what makes the Vantage the next big product for broadcasters.

  • Q: What’s so revolutionary about this new head?
    • A: In today’s environment, studios are starting to get smaller, but the production value is increasing. Traditional solutions like the PTZ camera are lightweight and compact, but they don’t offer high-quality 4K images that today’s viewers have come to expect. The Vinten Vantage goes one step further than a PTZ and offers completely smooth movement that enables broadcast-quality video. Since it’s camera and lens agnostic, the head is compatible with traditional cameras and lenses as well as the latest pro-camcorders like the Canon C700. Right now, no one else is offering broadcast studios a product like this.

  • Q: Who would benefit the most from the Vantage?
    • A: The Vinten Vantage is the perfect solution for high-end broadcast studios, small independent studios, and is a great option for users considering PTZ cameras.

  • Q: So how would the Vantage give users more freedom in the studio exactly, compared to a PTZ?
    • A: PTZ solutions only have a limited, distinct set of speeds. On the other hand, just one of the many benefits of the Vinten Vantage is that it has continuous variable speed control over the entire axis. So with the Vantage, users get a smooth quality of motion at any angle and full synchronization of all movement.
  • Q: Considering all the benefits, what would this product cost?
    • A: The Vinten Vantage is a high-end solution that offers users essential motion control and unmatched flexibility in the studio, and any studio can get this at the exceptional value of £4,995.

  • Q: Will customers need additional software to operate this?
    • A: With countless automation systems installed around the world, the Vinten Vantage can easily integrate with our users’ existing Vinten HD-VRC software* and support for the CP4 will follow next year.
  • Q: When will this product be available?
    • A: Broadcasting studios around the world will be able to experience the Vinten Vantage at the end of 2016.

*Compatible with upgraded HD-VRC control


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