RGB Showcases Photon Beard at BCA 2014

Photon Beard, the UK lighting solutions specialists for broadcast, film and video will feature “Platinum Blonde”, the company’s first HMI-focusable floodlight, at BroadcastAsia 2014.

Platinum Blonde is an open-face, highly energy-efficient 1200W HMI linear lamp designed for any application where raw output is required. It is ideal for use as a bounce light, or for piercing diffusion to create a powerful, yet appropriately softened, daylight source. The Platinum Blonde can be powered from any domestic supply, and if required can also be used as a generator supply for mobile applications.

Delegates to Broadcast Asia can also see the recently released PhotonBeam 80 LED Floodlight. Based on Photon Beard’s established Redhead lighting fixture, the company has adapted the remote phosphor technology to enable the PhotonBeam 80 LED Floodlight to provide near full spectrum, high-CRI lighting.

Available in daylight 5600K colour temperature, the PhotonBeam 80 LED complements Photon Beard’s Square One fluorescent panel – also showing at BroadcastAsia – for use in locations that require high quality, low power lighting. Power can be supplied from 90-260V AC mains or via standard camera batteries using V or Gold mount 11-17VDC.

For more information, see Photon Beard on Stand 5J2-01 (RGB Broadcasting) or visit

Platinum Blonde from Photon Beard

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