Riot Games Selects Sony Electronics’ Networked Live Technologies

Sony Electronics’ Networked Live, which is an ecosystem designed to enable production resources to be optimally connected, used, and shared, will be at the core of newly implemented production environments at Riot Games. A premier name in developing, publishing, and supporting the most player-focused games in the world – including League of Legends and VALORANT – Riot Games has been a customer of Nevion, a Sony Group Company, since 2019. During this time, Riot deployed Nevion VideoIPath orchestration and Nevion Virtuosos with JPEG XS to build a global, follow-the-sun remote production solution allowing them to produce tournaments and events from any of their production facilities.

Now, the company will install Sony’s MLS-X1 modular live switcher and expand its use of VideoIPath for broadcast control while adding federation of resources, which is designed to allow orchestration systems to collaborate within and between locations.

The MLS-X1 is an agile and highly scalable switcher that enables multiple units to be connected for simplified expansion that accounts for the future. Resources for the switcher can be divided up allowing it to be used as multiple smaller processing units or combined to support larger shows, based on the demands of the production.  Riot will use the MLS-X1 in Dublin, Ireland, and their second remote production site in Seattle, which has begun full operations this year.

VideoIPath provides orchestration and Software Defined Networking (SDN) control for connecting, orchestrating, and optimizing media flows across a variety of networks (Serial Digital Interface [SDI] and Internet Protocol [IP]). Riot recently upgraded these capabilities to include modern broadcast control for the new Seattle remote production center. Additionally, through the use of the system’s federation functionality, Riot will connect their Dublin and Seattle locations to leverage multiple autonomous instances of VideoIPath.

“Technology is such a vital component to Riot’s ability to execute innovative esports productions that ultimately help us connect and engage meaningfully with esports fans around the world,” said James Wyld, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, Riot Games.

“Our experience with Sony’s Networked Live ecosystem has allowed us to create a powerful, globally connected model that delivers flexibility and efficiency in how we produce our shows. We chose to expand our footprint with Sony because we see that they share the same commitment, passion and vision for innovation that will help us further elevate our live broadcast and create mind-blowing experiences for fans.”

“Riot Games is continuing to push the boundaries of live event production through the use of innovative technology,” said Kento Sayama, Deputy Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics. “With the incredible advancements we have made to our Networked Live offering, and through continued support and consultation, Riot Games has enabled centralized resource sharing across the globe that provides ubiquity and prioritizes collaboration. We look forward to strengthening our relationship, and ultimately allowing fans to enjoy the excitement of gaming in real-time.”

Networked Live is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, products, services, and partners that combines hybrid on-premises and Cloud processing with network connectivity to transform the logistics and economics of critical, high-quality live production.

It does this by enabling resources (places, people, and processing) to be connected, used, and shared optimally and seamlessly in productions – regardless of their locations. For more information, visit

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