Rotolight to showcase new Anova PRO at Photokina 2016

 Anova PRO™ new features to be revealed

Pinewood Studios, UK, 20th September 2016 – Rotolight, the award-winning British LED lighting manufacturer, will be showcasing its newly launched ANOVA PRO™ at this year’s Photokina from 20-25 September in Cologne, Germany.

The latest iteration of the LED includes an enhanced feature set that further reinforces the Anova PRO’s position in the market as a versatile and superior LED that delivers soft light output and sign4-fire-mode_cinesfxature catch light effect.

The Anova PRO is 43% brighter than its predecessors and now features several unique, industry-first features which save significant time and money, while enabling greater creativity for users. This includes a powerful High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) for use in a traditional photographic workflow, making the Anova PRO the first continuous bi-colour LED light on the market to offer this feature.

In flash mode, the Anova PRO is able to produce 150% of the maximum continuous light output, and do so with zero recycle time. This is a major advantage over traditional strobe systems, thereby bridging the gap between strobe and continuous lighting, delivering the benefits of both without any of the disadvantages. The feature also provides a modelling light which enables users to accurately see the shadows and highlights of a subject or shot.

Other features in the new release, include:

  • True Aperture Dimming™, which calculates and displays the F-stop at a given distance. This feature eliminates the need for light meters, saves time and eliminates the guess work associated with manually working out ISO and F-stop settings.
  • A ‘soft’ optical light shaping diffuser, which creates a single uniform light source with a soft light output, making it perfect for interviews or portraiture

The Anova PRO has already won two major industry awards and is receiving favourable reviews from industry experts, including Sony Artisan of Imagery Jason Lanier, who says:

1-anova-pro-news-studio“What this light does is that it gives photographers in the right circumstances the ability to take one light and be able to accomplish pretty much anything. That, to me, is the biggest difference the Anova PRO provides. What we’ve done traditionally is bring LEDs and then bring flashes – and that’s a lot of gear. But I think, for me, the Anova PRO’s key selling points are that it flashes in high speed sync, that it’s brighter than the previous versions of the Anova, plus you can change the colour temperature on it, which is huge.”

To meet the team and see Rotolight’s lighting products in action, visit Stand G041 in Hall 4.1.

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