RT Software demos tOG-Data Server

London, 25 August 2016: RT Software, a worldwide provider of real-time graphics solutions, is showcasing the latest in its innovative range of infrastructure products at this year’s IBC2016. Central to this is the new tOG-Data Server that provides a central point from which adminstrators can manage access to graphics machines.Mike - Headshot

The tOG-Data Server — a management backend that handles multiple users and render systems — controls the logins and administers rights and privileges, determining who can login and what they can control.

Used along with this new application is tOG-Web Control, developed to offer flexible control of broadcast graphics products. It delivers web-based control of any live graphics device, anywhere on the network, including but not limited to devices for channel branding and continuation graphics in the playout centre traditionally driven through automation.

The tOG-Web Control is accessed through a Chrome web browser, with control sessions, rights and permissions managed by the tOG-Data Server. Users can manage the live graphics through an easily customizable interface, per user or per project, which streamlines the user experience and makes the process of control more efficient. tOG-Web Control also offers users a preview option within the live control interface, ensuring they can check the graphic on the live system without actually touching the renderer.

Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director, RT Software says: “Broadcasters are looking for efficiency gains and see any way of being able to “sweat their assets” as a good thing. Their utopia on the graphics front is to be able to deploy a live graphics device centrally, and to share that between automated continuity or channel graphics yet also make it available for live use in the gallery as and when required. The tOG-Data Server addresses these requirements, delivering web-based centralised management and distributed control.

“Compare that to the old model of requiring multiple systems and it’s easy to see why there is interest. Add in cost-effective redundancy, scalability and that fact this is based on cloud-ready PC server technology and the benefits keep coming.”

The application enables broadcasters to take live control of graphics resources from anywhere within their facility and put graphics to air — even from a different gallery, instead of having to be based in one specific place that has a direct connection to the rendering system.

The tOG-Web Control application is already in use at a number of facilities, where RT Software’s live graphics have been embedded in Snell Advanced Media’s (SAM) market-leading ICE Channel in a Box. Customers reaping the benefits of the SAM solution with tOG-Web Control include BT, where it controls the multiple renderers in the company’s sophisticated AR studio.
The platform will be on show in Hall 7 stand F33 at this year’s IBC, demonstrating RT Software’s commitment to providing not just products, but slick and easy workflows to help boost every broadcasters’ productivity.

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