@RTV_Slovenija Extends Archiving Capability with New Infusion of Technology from NOA

Vienna, Austria — 19 March 2013 — Slovenia’s national broadcaster Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV Slovenia) has augmented its content archiving capability with the installation of new systems from NOA. Extending its existing archiving operation based on NOA’s mediARC, RTV Slovenia has added two dual-channel NOA Framelector systems, a VidCheck VideoFileAnalyser, and MediaButler for Video.

The additional ingest capability based upon NOA´s Framelector systems  will allow the broadcaster to accelerate its digitisation of content stored on 80,000 betacam tapes. The new installation also gives RTV Slovenia extra quality control workflows, and the ability to build workflows for the supply of production copies in a range of resolutions from the lossless archive.Framelector

“QC of analog video transfers with ISR and RF read-outs, complete content analysis of ingested SD material, and mathematically lossless open source formats based upon FFv1  – all this makes NOA the first choice for us,” said for Martin Zvelc, head of RTV Slovenia’s mediaTeka. “Our enormous legacy of video material can now be safely and rapidly preserved in the archive at the highest quality, and re-transcoded in the future for use in any kind of new production system.”

NOA´s new video ingest system FrameLector is the first to be deployed in the region and has a dual channel capability to transfer SD material at highest quality with perfect quality control at comparably low cost. Besides NOA’s mediARC has gained a strong base of users in both broadcasting and institutional archiving, and the system’s ability to meet the needs of archivists and production teams is especially useful when the two roles are required within the same organisation.RTV Slovenia

Providing customers with structured and flexible high-performance content management that will last for decades, mediARC allows access to a deep level of the database and makes it easy to create extremely specific business processes using complex and sophisticated workflows.

“After lengthy successful experience with mediARC, RTV Slovenia has shown its confidence in our technology by adding the video ingest enhancements that will enable them to increase their archiving work rate and make also archived video material available for use in new ways,” said Christophe Kummer, CEO of NOA.

More information is available directly from NOA at or by phone at
+ 43 1 545 2700.

About NOA
NOA is the leading global provider of flexible turnkey solutions for quality-controlled digitizing, archiving, description and retrieval of AV and other media content. Scalable to suit collections of all sizes, NOA’s product families, ingestLINEâ„¢, mediARCâ„¢, actLINEâ„¢ and jobDBâ„¢, not only help ensure long-term preservation of media, but also support enterprise-wide collaboration, efficiency, and productivity by enabling fast and accurate identification and retrieval of clips from the full range of an enterprise’s archive. NOA’s easy-to-use proprietary technologies are today installed in some 20 high-profile enterprises worldwide, including Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT), Yleisradio Finland (YLE), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico and the Austrian Broadcaster ORF. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, NOA is committed to the ongoing development of innovative technologies to ensure the maintenance of invaluable cultural heritage for future generations. For detailed information please visit the NOA website at

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