Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia chooses DHD SX2 audio mixers for expanded network of peace stations
Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia chooses DHD SX2 audio mixers for expanded network of peace stations


RTVC Equips New Radio Stations with DHD Modular Audio Consoles

Colombia’s national radio and television broadcaster, RTVC, has invested in eight DHD audio mixing consoles as the production core of four additions to its network of ‘peace stations’. The project was negotiated and completed by Bogota-based broadcast systems specialist ASPA ANDINA.

The first of RTVC’s peace stations went live on July 25th, 2019. In the words of Vicente Silva, director of Radio Nacional de Colombia, they are designed to encourage dialogue without party banners or economic or ideological interests. Each station is geared to create 104 hours of content per month in a programming format that bears the same name as the national broadcast network but is structured to reflect the language and interests relevant to a specific transmission area.

“The four new RTVC peace stations are located in the municipalities of Fundación, Tumaco, San José del Guaviare and San Vicente del Caguán,” says Juan Pablo Leon, ASPA ANDINA engineer. “They are additional to 11 decentralised RTVC broadcast facilities already operating with DHD SX2 consoles. These were established in a process which began in the cities of Bucaramanga, Medellín, Manizales, Pasto, Villavicencio, San Andrés, Cali, Convención, San Jacinto, Fonseca and Mesetas.

“Each station has two studios, both equipped with a DHD SX2 console. These comprise a 16-input-channel desk configured for live broadcasting and a compact four-input-channel dual-layer mixer configured for recording. Both have motorised faders and can be operated manually or, using DHD’s Assist App, under full IP-based remote control. Multi-touch TFT display screens on each console allow efficient configuration of inputs and outputs to meet daily workflow requirements. Each station system supports up to 128 bidirectional channels of Audinate Dante connectivity.”

“We are very pleased to have partnered with RTVC and DHD in this ongoing project which is playing an important role in enhancing Colombia’s social fabric,” adds Christoph Gottert, DHD’s head of international sales. “With their extensive use of audio-over-IP, these installations set a very good example of efficient and effective broadcast network systems operation.”

DHD audio mixers are designed to provide the operational ease of use, configurability, high signal quality and reliability which broadcast presenters need when working live to air. The SX2 is a modular console based on a four-fader central module. Each module can be chained with others to create a standalone mixing desk. Integral display screens allow operators to see exactly how their console is performing both from connectivity and signal level perspectives.

Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia chooses DHD SX2 audio mixers for expanded network of peace stations

The central module (52-5614) gives access to the most important audio inputs and outputs. A microphone input and headphone output are included, and loudspeakers can be connected directly to this unit. Also available is a fader module (52-5620) with six motorised faders which allows the addition of a second layer accommodating up to 16 channels. Central and fader modules each incorporate a 10.1 inch multi-touch display showing relevant configuration and operating parameters.

SX2 features can be extended simply by adding optional license codes to the DSP core, allowing extra faders, busses and clean-feeds. Functions such as loudness metering, profanity delay and talkback to other DHD mixers are also supported.

DHD audio GmbH develops and produces digital audio studio equipment and systems for professional applications in broadcast control rooms, DJ-operated radio studios, OB trucks, SNG vans, ingest stations and edit suites. DHD also produces routing and talkback matrices, audio-over-IP interfaces and supporting software. DHD devices can be operated directly or under IP networked control. Designed and manufactured in Germany, DHD products are used successfully by broadcasters around the globe.

ASPA (, founded in 1995, offers complete solutions for broadcast radio, television and educational application, both in the private and public sectors at a national and international level. Based in Madrid, the company has consolidated its position within the Spanish radio and audiovisual market to become a benchmark for service, quality and innovation. In 2000 ASPA began its international expansion focused mainly on the Latin American market, reinforcing its presence with offices in Bogotá as well as increasing the company’s client portfolio in countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.


Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia chooses DHD SX2 audio mixers for expanded network of peace stations

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