RUSHWORKS Debuts First-of-its-Kind Live Presentation and Robotic Camera Systems (and a Drone!) at 2015 #NABShow

TalkingPoints™ Provides Tools to “Capture and Stream” Live Presentations,STAGEROVER™ and DOUBLESHOT™ Allows Robotic Camera Systems to Roam Unmanned

RUSHWORKS (Booth SL7627), provider of low-cost, high-performance television automation and production systems for broadcast, PEG channels, houses of worship, and Internet television solutions, unveils TalkingPoints™, an exciting, first-of-its-kind addition to the company’s Production series, and STAGEROVER™ and DOUBLESHOT™, unmanned robotic camera systems at NAB 2015. Rush Beesley, RUSHWORKS president, announces that both innovations are being demonstrated for the first time in Booth SL7627 alongside a custom designed multirotor Drone.

TalkingPoints addresses a large array of market sectors, including higher education, houses of worship, corporate training, convention sessions, trade shows and production facilities – any event where presentations are conducted. It furnishes an additional and heightened level of functionality to RUSHWORKS’ existing Integrated PTZ Production Systems, VDESK and REMO, by providing the tools to capture and stream live presentations using up to three PTZ cameras. One camera is dedicated to the presenter, with a second camera covering session panelists. An optional third camera covers the audience for post-session Q&A activity. The presenter camera can optionally be configured to automatically track the presenter’s position throughout the presentation.

“TalkingPoints fulfills a basic industry need – the ability to capture, stream and retain presentation content  – that has never been properly and cost-effectively addressed before,” states Beesley. “For our current VDESK and REMO customers, TalkingPoints is a simple add-in, but it is also available as a standalone system.”

The captured HD file uses Picture-in-Picture (PiP) to display three windows – one each for the PowerPoint/Keynote slideshow, the presenter and the panelists. All session participant information, including names and titles, is imported into layouts well in advance of scheduled sessions. Titles can be generated automatically based on touch screen selection of picture icons of the participants. The presentation can be streamed live, or copied to DVD and USB devices as takeaways from the sessions. The files can also be uploaded to host organization websites for VOD search and retrieval.

Also introduced at the show are two unmanned robotic camera systems. “STAGEROVER™ is a Sony Action Cam on monster wheels,” Beesley comments. “It’s radio controlled, optical image-stabilized and transmits full HD video wirelessly with virtually no latency. STAGEROVER introduces camera motion perspective to complement the unlimited presets supported by our integrated PTZ production systems.”


Additionally, roaming the booth floor is DOUBLESHOT™, a network controlled (via Bluetooth) rolling wireless HD stage camerabot operated from an iPad. Both STAGEROVER and DOUBLESHOT replace hand-held camera operators and dollies with highly mobile video robotics for use with VDESK and REMO systems.

Recognizing and embracing the value of drones in TV production, RUSHWORKS is also showing a custom-designed multirotor craft sending wireless, zero-latency HD video as one of the inputs to the REMO Remote Production System.


Founded in 2001, RUSHWORKS provides low-cost, high-performance television production, automation and video streaming solutions. These scalable and extensible solutions integrate networked video and graphics servers and encoders with “powerfully simple” automation software for Houses of Worship, Broadcast, Cable, PEG channels, Meetings, Events and Digital Signage. The company also designs and installs turnkey integrated media solutions for city government channels, including automation systems, encoders, audio support systems, large screen monitors, video presenter solutions, and other meeting room AV support.  For further information:


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