SBS Broadcasting’s Work With NUGEN Audio DynApt(TM) Shortlisted for IBC2015 Innovation Awards

SBS Leverages DynApt Algorithm to Create Innovative Loudness-Normalized Workflow for Adapting Film Audio to TV

LEEDS, U.K. — June 11, 2015 — NUGEN Audio customer SBS Broadcasting, one of the three leading broadcast networks in the Netherlands, has been shortlisted for the IBC2015 Innovation Awards. Nominated in the Content Management category, SBS is being recognized for its use of NUGEN Audio’s DynApt(TM) algorithm to create a groundbreaking loudness-normalized workflow for film soundtrack adaptation.

SBS sought to improve audio quality for broadcasting films and drama series within the guidelines of the EBU R128 loudness normalization standard. For motion pictures in particular, this presented several key challenges: how to preserve an optimal quality of experience in terms of dynamic audio contrasts, how to loudness-align content with commercial breaks and generic programs, and how to implement a highly automated, efficient, and cost-effective workflow.

SBS chose the NUGEN Audio DynApt algorithm to address these challenges. DynApt automatically analyzes the loudness levels throughout a piece of audio and then carefully controls a configurable maximum difference between program loudness and average voice level. Working with partner Delta Sigma Consultancy and leveraging technology from Minnetonka Audio, SBS was able to create an anchor-based loudness normalization workflow based on DynApt that enables the broadcaster to process a movie’s audio for broadcast in harmony with the producers’ original intent. In addition, the solution does not interfere with the audio at all if there is no need. This innovative new audio loudness workflow is of particular interest to any media organization looking to repurpose content for broadcast and contributes to achieving a single, worldwide loudness standard for television.

“As one of our most innovative European customers, SBS is committed to offering viewers the best-possible video and audio quality. We are very pleased that they have chosen to use DynApt to achieve this goal,” said Jon Schorah, NUGEN Audio founder and creative director. “Being named a finalist in the IBC2015 Innovation Awards is a tremendous honor for both SBS and NUGEN Audio, reflecting our shared commitment to address key issues that affect every player in broadcast and electronic media today.”

The IBC Innovation Awards are designed to honor not only technical ingenuity but also the way that the technology is used in the real world, bringing tangible creative and commercial benefits to a project. The ten shortlisted companies are broadcasters, media enterprises, and service providers who defined a goal, brought together the best technology partners for collaborative projects, and now benefit from the innovative thinking. SBS shares the shortlist with three highly competitive entries in the Content Management category.

“Each year we see more and more submissions, because media companies worldwide recognize the very special nature of this awards program,” said Michael Lumley, chair of the IBC2015 Innovation Awards judging panel. “This year’s shortlist must be the best ever, with potential winners ranging from some of the world’s biggest broadcasters to a sports federation.”

The finalists will be featured and winners in each category will be announced during the IBC Awards Ceremony, scheduled for at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 13, in the RAI Auditorium in Amsterdam. All IBC visitors are invited to attend the free ceremony.

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