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Scale Logic, Inc., Showcases Effective Scaling Options!


Scale Logic, Inc. is in the business of providing high performance digital file based solutions. Scale Logic’s philosophy of “providing the best end-to-end storage solutions in the industry to compliment our partner’s capabilities” is just really what this company is all about. Through Scale Logic’s talented group of technical experts, the development of strategies which focus around RAID, NAS, SAN, and Archive technologies have been meeting the needs of the Media and Entertainment industry for over 25 years!

Here’s are a few products slated to be presented at NAB 2014 for Scale Logic, Inc:

The HyperFS File System is a nice mid to high end SAN+NAS unified storage system. This solution provides for high performance private protocol  access interfaces, FC/IP SAN access interface, as well as, standard  protocol NAS access interface (i.e., Samba, NFS, FTP). The HyperFS cluster file system supports information processing fields including video post-production (i.e, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere) and digital asset management (DAM), streaming media, cloud computing, network digital video monitoring and cloud storage! When a 3rd party  tool is introduced such as Strawberry 4.0 project management and/or the Genesis IAP Archive server the Hyper FS hardware integrates seamlessly. The HyperFS is a robust solution that allows for a seamless transition from existing  XSAN or Stornext, plus the fact that you can move from application to application without any compatibility issues is very nice!

Also, here are a few updates on the cross-platform project sharing and collaborative editing software, Strawberry!

Completely redesigned HTML5 Frontend: Enables remote and/or mobile collaboration/review from any web browser / Proxy Viewing Added to GUI: Editors using the Strawberry GUI to create projects can view, tag, and add media to their projects directly from the Strawberry GUI. / Media Player Added to GUI: Direct from the Strawberry GUI, clips can be viewed in full or lower resolution. Coming soon: Additional Rough Cut Editing from the Strawberry GUI. / Proxy Generation Capability Extended to additional Codecs / Proxy Generation Capability also offloadable to separate render nodes / Additional Archival Options: either TAR or maintaining folder structure, assignable per project / Archived projects searchable, and proxies still viewable, regardless of NLE i.e. searchable Avid bins / Send-To Capability: can send projects to other locations, (for example watchfolders or other storage locations), / facilitating integration with other applications / Multiple Templates Definable: enables different project folder structures to be defined based on application, project, or other criteria. / Editors Bags: Enables editors to create collections of favorite assets or necessary documents to use whenever and wherever they choose. / Automatic Extraction of Adobe Metadata: Strawberry Extracts and Imports tags from Strawberry into and out of Adobe Premier Comments fields. / Active Directory/LDAP Integration for managing access rights.

And the Genesis IAP Series Archive Solution! Scale Logic, Inc.’s Genesis IAP Archive Server solution comes in some nice “flavors” up to 36TB and then, based on  your individual workflow needs,  files or projects can be sent to LTO6 tape, LTFS or Cloud based storage for long-term preservation!Scale Logic QStar Archive

Support for multiple media tiers: RAID, CAS, Tape or Optical / Virtualized archive: seen as a Share or Mount Point
Encryption, retention management and replication options / Vaulting: Offsite, DR copies of media managed and tracked / Operating System independent: Windows, Linux. UNIX or Mac / Compatible with most Media Asset Mgmt Applications

For more information on the family on cost effective scaling solutions by Scale Logic, Inc. visit: ;Make sure to stop by Booth SL6822 & SL10810 for a great product demonstration from the folks at Scale Logic, Inc. at NAB 2014!

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