Searched it, discovered it – now create with it. IPV to present Curator 2.0 at 2018 NAB Show

Asset management provider will also demonstrate cloud editing and AI media tagging from its new location in south lower hall

At the 2018 NAB Show, media technology specialist IPV will be presenting Curator 2.0 – the latest version of its asset management system. It will also showcase its  cloud editing functionality and AI-powered metadata tagging from a new position in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s south lower hall – booth number SL4905.

IPV Curator 2.0

On display at the show will be a new version of IPV’s asset management system, a software that makes it easier to move, manage and monetize media assets. Curator 2.0 will be presented to visitors, demonstrating a multitude of new features like easier version control, thesaurus search-term functionality, and automated subtitling.

With the proliferation of video content across multiple industries and the fast pace that assets are being added, Curator 2.0 provides significant improvements to its installation processes. This means it’s even easier to deploy better asset management workflows inside any kind of configuration for traditional broadcasters, sports teams or leagues, creative agencies, education or houses of worship.

Cloud integration

As more businesses operate internationally, Curator’s ability to be deployed in a cloud-centric workflow will be a highlight at the show as well as the cloud-integrated editing functions available when using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Anyone managing content using Curator is able to search, find and utilize assets using a dedicated panel inside their Adobe editing window, no matter where media is stored – even if it’s 2000 miles away.

The easily-installed Curator platform can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as part of a hybrid workflow. Because it’s built as a suite of microservices, Curator can be scaled in line with business needs,  and is available through a subscription or software as a service model – one that’s becoming increasingly popular.

Intelligent tagging

While the 2018 NAB Show is expected to see many speaking about the place of AI in future production workflows, IPV will demonstrate an AI-enhanced metadata application in Curator that can be deployed today., Curator’s automatic intelligent tagging process lets users more easily associate relevant metadata tags with media without using expensive resources. During ingest, the integrated-AI word-to-text functionality processes media and uses the output to automatically create and attach metadata to assets.

IPV’s technology enables much more than other asset management systems. Instead of simply searching and finding content, its integration with editing tools and ability to be deployed in any workflow allows you to do more with assets. By enhancing entire workflow processes – from ingest to archive, from tagging to editing and finally, publication – Curator paves the way for users to create something engaging.

IPV will be presenting its technical demonstrations at the 2018 NAB Show – on booth SL4905 – from April 9-12. To learn more about what the Curator platform can do for your organization or to book a meeting at the show, head to

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