Sencore enhances the VideoBridge RF monitoring system with the addition of ATSC 3.0 and increased density, with new VB258

Sencore, a global leader in cutting-edge broadcasting and video delivery monitoring solutions, is proud to unveil the new Quad-Port RF Monitoring Blade – VB258. Designed to revolutionize RF monitoring and analysis, the VB258 sets a new standard in performance, efficiency, and versatility.

Sencore’s Quad-Port RF Monitoring Blade – VB258 is a game-changing solution for professionals in the broadcasting and telecommunications industry. With support for most world-wide terrestrial and cable modulation types, including ATSC 3.0, the VB258 offers unparalleled capabilities for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing RF signals.

Key Features of the Quad-Port RF Monitoring Blade – VB258:

  • Four Simultaneous Ports: The VB258 boasts four independent RF ports, enabling users to increase monitoring density and analyze up to 8 RF signals concurrently in a 1RU chassis. This feature is ideal for broadcasters, cable operators, and telecom engineers seeking efficient and comprehensive RF monitoring solutions.
  • Support for World-Wide Terrestrial and Cable RF Signals: The VB258 brings together the ability to monitor most RF modulation types from around the world, including the new ATSC 3.0 format, in a single device. This greatly simplifies the equipment and options needed for global RF monitoring.
  • Real-time Signal Analysis: The VB258 provides real-time analysis of signal quality, strength, and modulation parameters. This empowers users to detect and troubleshoot issues promptly, ensuring seamless signal transmission and minimizing downtime.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Sencore’s user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and utilization of the VB258. The intuitive design allows both seasoned experts and newcomers to quickly access and interpret critical data.

Seth VerMulm, Sencore’s Director of Product Management, commented on the release: “The VideoBridge Quad-Port RF Monitoring Blade – VB258 is a testament to Sencore’s commitment to innovation and excellence. We are thrilled to provide industry professionals with a powerful tool that simplifies RF monitoring and empowers them to deliver top-tier broadcasting and communication services.”

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