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Senior Colorist

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The Senior Colorist plays a key role in creating original content for BYU Broadcasting. This person will be directly involved in the artistic and technical aspects of “color- correction” and “color-grading”, to ensure all media meets FCC broadcast standards, for a wide range of original programming, promotions and other broadcast materials. Artistically, the Senior Colorist will create original and creative “looks” and “styles” for the imagery of all media passing through BYU Broadcasting Post Production. This person will ensure all content has the creative “look and feel” and that is maintained throughout the entirety of each show element. This person will also teach, mentor, train and approve the overall quality with contractors and student colorists within their supervision.

Technically; the Senior Colorist will ensure that each project in the color correction workflow is progressed efficiently toward completion, meets very highest industry standards of quality, ensures all deadlines are achieved, oversees a staff of colorists and assignment of responsibilities, interacts and coordinates with other department and processes (especially within the editorial, graphics, VFX and sound design teams), to ensures correct asset conforming. This person will oversee the student operators and ensure equipment functions well and is calibrated.

It is essential that the Senior Colorist be a problem solver, flexible, have a heightened attention to detail, be able to deal with change, and have an exceptional eye for proper color correction and grading.

Essential Functions

Color Correction and Color Grading

Performs color correction and grading of material in the Post Production pipeline. This requires a very high level of skill, training and color accuracy for broadcast, use of such software as DaVinci Reslove for color correction, and other professional tools to achieve desired results of finished products. Works to integrate and conform all media assets between editorial’s Adobe Premiere projects, graphic compositions, and on-line finishing to ensure a seamless workflow.
Supervision of Color correction staff

Supervision of 6-9 students and possibly part-time contractors in the duties of color correction. This would include making assignments, directing color sessions to ensure the desired “look” was applied, final approval of other colorist’s work, tracking changes and fine-tuning finished color-work, supervising color workflow, scheduling staff and resources, mentor and training, and wage reviews and performance evaluations.
Equipment Calibration and Quality Control

Frequently test and calibrate all color-program-monitors for accuracy, within the 3 critical color suites, 10 edit-bays, and other locations around the Post Production department. Helps to set standards of media delivery specifications, quality control processes and workflows.
Production meetings

Represent the color correction team in all pre-production meetings to help specify the media type, aspect, frame-rate, data-rate, codec, and other technical specifications and requirements.

Minimum education/experience required:

A Bachelor degree in Media Arts or related field and 2 years of fulltime color correction and grading for broadcast programming. Should include experience with supervision of projects, supervision of equipment and resources, management of media assets, and demonstrated ability to work well with others. May substitute the equivalent combination of professional experience for required degree (1 year fulltime per year of education).
Extensive experience with DaVinci Resolve.
Must supply a demo-reel that demonstrates a critical eye for color and video correction and grading of scenes.

Over 5 years of fulltime professional experience in color correction and grading for a mid to large studio or network environment.
Extensive experience with the full DaVinci Resolve color panel.
In depth knowledge of other industry standard color correction software.
Skills, abilities, knowledge, licenses, certifications

This person must have extensive experience and skill in color correction/color grading of media assets for TV.
Required advanced knowledge of DaVinci Resolve.
Required to have broadcast color correction experience.
Must have knowledge of FCC broadcast limits and standards.
Must be able to work well with internal as well as external production companies that come to BYUB for Post Color Correction.
Must be able to coordinate schedules and organize priorities to ensure that deadlines for many different projects are met.
Produce under the pressure of deadlines.
Train and mentor new and current student employees.
Experience managing a color correction workflow to and from Adobe Premiere
Problem solve” and work through issues.
Communicate well and be flexible with other departments.
Use skills and knowledge to develop and establish BYUB’s picture production standards.
Must always have the goal and mission of BYU Broadcasting in mind.
Additional Comments

– Applicants will be required to submit to a demo reel of their work.

– Those selected for an interview will be asked to submit to a color accuracy exam.

The Post Production process has a few key sub-departments. Just as the Post Production Supervisor oversees the editorial process, Sound Supervisor oversees the audio production, the Senior Colorist will oversee all “Picture” quality. The final sound and picture is delivered back to the Post Production Editorial Supervisor for final mastering and delivery of finished content. BYU Broadcasting caries a wide variety of programming, from dialog driven TV series and documentaries to scripted dramas and musical performances, this person must have a very wide range of experience and skill in color correction.

THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL POSITION. This person will not only need to have the VERY SPECIALIZED technical skills working with DaVinci Resolve but MUST be highly creative, talented and experienced in color correction and grading for TV and web broadcasts. This person needs to be highly skilled and a trouble-shooting/problem solver.

Employee Class: Administrative
Work Location: Provo Campus
Environment: General office or other equivalently good environment

Desired Start Date: As soon as possible
Job Close Date: 04/13/2021

Pay Level: 53
Approximate Starting Salary: $62,162 to $80,730 depending on qualifications and experience.

Documents Required at time of Application:
Required: Cover Letter, Resume, Web Link to resume/demo-reel
Optional: Letter of Recommendation

Equal Opportunity Employer: m/f/Vets/Disability

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