Sennheiser Set to Demonstrate Collaboration, Translation and Conferencing Solutions at Gulf Education 2015

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates- 9 March 2015- In a bid to help educational institutions in the Middle East learn to leverage audio solutions such as speech amplification, translation and telecommunication in order to enhance the learning experience for students, Sennheiser Middle East, a leading manufacturer of audio systems, will participate in and sponsor the 5th annual Gulf Education Conference and Exhibition, being held in Abu Dhabi on the 18th and 19th of March, 2015.

In today’s globalized world, communication and collaboration are vital and this is never more true than in the Education sector. One of the keys to better communication is understanding and relating to those around you, which in a multi-cultural learning environment such as the UAE, requires usage of solutions which can deliver excellent speech intelligibility. Educational institutions must also facilitate seamless collaboration to ensure the all-round development of students and this is only possible when reliable, easy-to-use channels of communication are made available,” said John McGregor, Business Development Manager (BDM) at Sennheiser Middle East.

Sennheiser has based its participation at the event around the theme of enabling students to overcome cultural barriers by making it easier for them to understand each other and collaborate. The audio specialist will demonstrate a number of its key product ranges which address the specific audio requirements of translation, teleconferencing, meetings, lectures, presentations and speeches. These include Sennheiser MobileConnect, a low latency audio streaming system that leverages intuitive smartphone/tablet control and Wi-Fi connectivity to eliminate all difficulties usually associated with high quality audio streaming; and the Tourguide conference and presentation system which makes possible the communication of information to groups of widely varying sizes even in loud surrounds and RF heavy environments.

As the ‘Technology Sponsor’, Sennheiser will supply its conferencing and translation systems for usage across the exhibition venue so as to ensure that all attendees can benefit from better communications infrastructure.

Gulf Education Conference and Exhibition is a platform that showcases developments in education, highlighting the innovations taking place in the world of academia. Now in its 5th year, Gulf Education 2015 will draw a high attendance from Ministries of Education from a number of countries in the region, as well as education pioneers, leaders and practitioners from all over the globe. This event will be held at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research in Abu Dhabi.

John McGregor, Business Development Manager (BDM) at Sennheiser Middle East
John McGregor, Business Development Manager (BDM) at Sennheiser Middle East
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